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Expert Sales Coaching for Sales Teams


Ready to unlock your teams sales potential? Our high impact sales coaching service is designed to equip your sales team with confidence, motivation and knowledge to sell more effectively.


Whether you’re looking to coach an individual employee on a one to one basis or seeking coaching for larger group of sales professionals, our specialist trainers can accommodate both.


Quick Overview


To help boost your teams overall performance, our specialist coaches will provide relevant sales coaching to your industry, develop new sales strategies and provide a fresh approach to sales.

Our sales coaches will listen to your teams direct challenges and coach your sales teams to reach their sales goals and unleash their true potential.


Sales Coaching

Key Benefits of Our Sales Coaching Service


There are many key benefits when utilising Live And Learn Consultancy’s group or one to one sales coaching. Very simply, your team will gain a new found confidence and motivation to succeed within their sales job roles.

  • Unlock Your Teams Sales Potential.
  • Enhance Your Teams Confidence And Motivation To Succeed.
  • Your Sales Team Will Receive Relevant And Expert Sales Coaching.
  • Our Sales Coaches Can Provide One To One or Group Coaching Sessions.
  • Coaching Designed Around The Exact Challenges Your Staff Or Team Are Facing.

Who Is The Sales Coaching For?


Live And Learn Consultancy’s specialist sales coaches will provide coaching programs for all companies and staff in the UK.

  • All Staff At Work
  • Sales Teams
  • Sales Administrators
  • Sales Consultants.
  • New or Experienced Staff
  • Call Handlers
  • Telemarketers
  • Business Development Staff.
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Line Managers
  • Sales Management.

Where Does The Coaching Take Place?


Delivered in-house at your workplace or off-site at a venue and location of your choosing. You can even choose times and dates that suit your employees best!


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