Face to Face Sales Training Program

Face to Face Sales Training – 1 Day Program


Empower your sales team to win more business by applying highly effective consultative selling skills.


Perfect for all UK companies, your team will learn how to influence key decision makers, professionally interact with your customers and generate new b2c or b2b revenue.


Developing your selling potential through practical face to face client interactions will provide the perfect platform to appreciate the power of listening to identify your customers’ needs, encourage more decision makers to speak with you and gain proven closing techniques to win more business.


Closing face to face sales opportunities simply requires salespeople to understand how to read a customer needs, notice key buying signals, and ask the right questions to recommend the right product or service.


Feel more empowered, motivated, and confident to sell more successfully. Perfect for all UK companies.


Face to Face Sales Training Programs


How Does This Sales Program Work?


Course Location




Delivered In House at Your Workplace

course duration




1 Day Consultative Sales Training

course certification




Each Delegate Will Receive A Certificate

groups sizes



Suitable For

Perfect For Small or Large Teams


Key Benefits of our Sales Training Program

  • Learn how to interact with customers to maximise sales opportunities.

  • Discover key customer buying signals.

  • Identify the power of listening to identify your customer needs.

  • Encourage customers or key decision makers to speak with you.

  • Gain consultative sales closing techniques to win more business.

  • Transform your sales skills to sell your products or services more successfully.


Course Objectives


Please note, the below content and sales objectives can be tailored directly to your industry. Want a fully bespoke design? View our full List of Sales Programs.


Our one day face to face Sales Training Program focuses on a dynamic sales process to provide your team with a more structured sales approach. This will enable them to develop a more confident mindset when dealing with client objections and a stronger desire to succeed in sales.


Powerful Face to Face Selling Process

  • Discover the power of YOU in the in the sales process.
  • Learn to identify where your customer is in the buying cycle.
  • Identify questioning techniques to build strong rapport.
  • Learn how to get the most out of every face to face interaction.

Maximising Your Sales Opportunities

  • Powerful face to face influencing techniques to help you win more business.
  • Identify potential barriers and techniques to deal with them.
  • Learn how effective communication is key to your selling success.
  • Create a relationship of like and trust.
  • Add value to your sale through cross sell and up sell opportunities.

Highly Effective Selling Techniques

  • Learn how to make the close the easiest part of the sale.
  • Present your sales unique selling points to your customers.
  • Build desire in your customer through effective questioning.
  • Match your product and service to your customer’s needs.

Quick Overview of our Sales Training Program


Number of People who can Attend Training


Who is this program for?


Suitable for all staff in the workplace who are new to sales or salespeople with a basic understanding of face to face sales seeking to generate more business.

  • New or Experienced Sales Staff
  • Sales Reps
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Sales Administrators
  • Sales Consultants
  • Sales Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Sales Managers
  • Senior Sales Managers
  • Sales Teams Across All Industry Sectors.


We can accommodate small or large groups depending on the size of your team.

Location of Training Courses



Delivered in-house at your work offices.

Please note, if you do not have training facilities, our professional sales training programs can also be delivered off-site, away from your workplace.


Training Course Duration


Course Duration

Typically run from 10am to 4pm. Available as a
  • 1 Day Session
  • 2 Day Master Class
  • or a quick 2 Hour Power Session.

(Times & dates can be changed to suit your needs)


What Does The Training Course Include?


Each Course Includes

  • Key Course Notes
  • Training Materials
  • A4 Certificate of Achievement

Sales Training Program Review and Ratings


Recent Sales Training Review

Following this program, there has been a significant improvement in our in-bound and out-bound weekly sales performance due to applying our new found face to face selling techniques.
We now know how to sell through value, develop better customer rapport and close the sale more consistently! Recommended to all companies in the UK.

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