Telesales Training Course

Telesales Training Course – 1 Day


Transform your telephone selling skills via our popular Telesales Training Course. Your team will gain best practice cold calling techniques to confidently close more b2c or b2b business and achieve higher sales.


Ready to unlock your selling potential and become a high performing sales professional? If you’re are responsible for b2c or b2b business development and you’re seeking to sell more professionally over the telephone, our 1 Day Telesales Training Course is perfect.


Whether you are responsible for answering in-bound customer calls or dialling out-bound sales calls, this course can be adapted to your exact industry needs. Our specialist trainers will help your team develop highly effective telesales skills by equipping them with a proven consultative telephone sales process.


Develop powerful techniques to generate more leads, set up more appointments and close more sales successfully.


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Key Benefits of our Telesales Training Course

  • Learn how to influence gate-keepers and key decision makers.

  • Develop key questioning techniques when communicating with your clients.

  • Confidently present value in your products and services over the telephone.

  • Handle customer objections more professionally.

  • Capture your customers interest and create a wow factor.

  • Gain proven closing techniques over the phone to win more business.


Course Objectives


How to Win More Business Over The Telephone

  • Discover our powerful techniques for getting past the gate-keeper.
  • Identify how to `goldmine` effectively and qualify leads quickly.
  • Understand why we sell over the telephone and the key to success.
  • Capture the customers interest and create a wow factor with the decision maker.

Opening the Call Effectively

  • Get to the decision maker more often.
  • Develop positive statements and questions to create a positive introduction on the telephone.
  • Learn to develop high impact questions to keep you on track when making a sale.

Telephone Communication Sales Skills

  • Build genuine rapport with customers and make your cold call memorable.
  • Understand the importance of effective communication in telesales.
  • Discover the power of active listening.
  • Identify your customers’ needs and present value in your product / service.

Handling Telephone Sales Objections

  • Learn effective telesales techniques for asking for the business.
  • Quickly identify barriers and confidently deal with them.
  • Understand the types of telesales objections you will receive.

Closing the Sale Successfully

  • Identify powerful telephone closing techniques to win more business.
  • Add value to your sell with cross sell and upsell opportunities.


Quick Telesales Skills Training Overview


Who is this training course for?


Target Audience

Aimed at salespeople who sell products or services over the telephone including;
  • Telesales staff.
  • Telemarketing staff.
  • Incoming call handlers.
  • Outbound sales staff.
  • Business development managers.
  • Sales people with no formal telesales training.
  • Sales people who need a refresher.
  • New sales people.
  • Experienced Sales Staff
  • Client relationship managers.
  • Account managers.

Perfect for small or large teams.


Location of Training Courses


Course Location

Delivered on-site at your work offices.

Please note, if you do not have facilities at your business premises, our Telephone Selling Training Course can also be delivered off-site, away from your workplace.


What is the training course duration?


Delivery Options


Please note, you can choose a time and date that suits your team best.

  • 1 Day Course – Perfect for delegates new to telesales or seeking a refresher.
  • 2 Day Master Class – Maximise your learning experience & take your telesales skills to the next level.
  • 2 Hour Power Session – Suitable for company seminars, short training sessions or quick learning.

What Does The Training Course Include?


Each Course Includes

  • Key Course Notes
  • Training Materials
  • A4 Certificate of Achievement

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