On-Site Sales Training Courses UK

On-Site Sales Training Courses UK


Transform Your Selling Performance

Want to develop your team’s sales skills? Our corporate Sales Training Courses will teach delegates best practice techniques to start selling more successfully. Transform your team’s selling performance to achieve higher revenue levels, increase company profits and close more sales.


Delivered at your workplace.

Suitable for individual staff or sales teams.

All courses include, training materials & certification


Sales Negotiation Skills Training


Negotiation Skills


Learn how to conduct profitable sales negotiations and maintain positive long-term business relationships.

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Face to Face Sales Training for Staff


Sales Skills Training


Learn how to close a sale & generate more business by gaining highly effective consultative selling skills.

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Telesales Training Course for Sales Staff


Telesales Training Course


Transform your telephone selling skills, generate more appointments and close more business.

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Sales Communication Training Program for Staff


Communication Skills for Sales


People buy from people they trust. Gain advanced communication techniques for selling more effectively.

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Sales Training and Coaching for Staff


Coach My Sales Staff


Our professional sales coaching is perfect whether you’re looking to coach an individual or your team.

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Bespoke Sales Design


We are a leading sales training provider in the UK who can design a course around your exact needs.

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Why Choose Our Professional Sales Training Courses?


As one of the top corporate sales training companies in the UK, Live And Learn Consultancy have successfully improved a variety of businesses, charities and sales employees irrespective of their previous experience.


We are fully committed in helping your workforce address their development areas and to achieve the best possible results. Whether your team deals with B2B sales (business to business) or B2C sales (business to consumer), our range of professional on-site Sales Training Programs ensure your workforce are equipped with highly effective selling skills to deal with customers face to face or over the telephone.


You can also read our latest free Sales Tips to enhance your selling knowledge.


Benefits of our Professional Sales Courses Include;

  • Reach your true potential.

  • Become a more confident and motivated salesperson.

  • Boost your current sales performance levels.


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