Communication Skills Courses

Communication Skills Courses


Ready to become a great communicator?

Our in-house Communication Skills Courses are designed to equip your team of employees with best practice techniques to build better working relationships, better understand behaviour traits and get your message across with clarity.


Choose from our powerful 1-day in-house Communication Skills Courses below.


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Communication Skills Courses for Employees


Communication Skills Courses for Employees


Advanced Communication Training

Advanced Communication


Better understand yourself & others more clearly by understanding different communication styles and people behaviour traits.

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Body Language Training


Wouldn’t it be nice to simply look at someone & know what they are thinking? Gain effective non-verbal communication to do so.

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Effective Communication Skills Training in the Workplace

Communication Skills


Develop highly effective communication skills to confidently interact with customer or fellow employees in the workplace.

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Assertiveness Skills Training Courses UK

Assertiveness Skills


Learn how to become more assertive to create more win/win outcomes when communicating with others.

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Conflict Resolution Training at Work

Conflict Resolution at Work


You will learn how to effectively resolve conflict in a team and improve working relationships between employees.

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Dealing with Difficult People Training UK

Dealing with Difficult People


Gain expert tips and techniques for dealing with aggressive co-workers and difficult situations at work.

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Presentation Skills Training Course

Presentation Skills Course


Deliver confident presentations whether your presenting internally to colleagues or externally to clients.

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Train the Trainer Course for Trainers

Train the Trainer


Perfect for all internal trainers seeking to structure, design and deliver more dynamic training sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

View how our Communication Skills Courses for Employees work

Do you deliver more than 1-day training?


If you would like for more than 1-day Communication Skills Courses for your team? We offer a

  • 2-Day Professional Upgrade
  • 3-Day Premium Upgrade
  • 5-Day Premium Plus Upgrade

Interested? Request a brochure below for full course details.

Do you deliver coaching?


To help unlock your potential, we offer expert group or 1 on 1 coaching.

Can you design me a bespoke program?


Our specialist communication trainers can design your staff a bespoke program that supports your team’s specific interpersonal skills-gaps.

Ideal for all employees?


Whether your team of employees are new or have been in their job role for a while, Live And Learn Consultancy’s programs can be tailored to your personal or industry requirements.

How easy is it to book a program?

Simple, flexible and fast! We support you all the way!

Once you contact us regarding our Communication Skills Courses, your dedicated account manager will;

  1. Listen – Listen to your challenges and exact requirements.
  2. Solution – Offer valuable advice and solutions to meet your needs.
  3. Quote – Email you a full program brochure / quote.
  4. Availability – Agree a training date that best suits your team.
Can I change my training date?

Sure you can!

You can change your training date up to 14 days before the delivery without charge.


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