Body Language Training

Body Language Training – 1 Day


Make body language your new superpower! Did you know, when communicating with other people, over 70% consists of non-verbal communication.


You will learn essential body language skills to read people’s thoughts & feelings, influence others through your own gestures & come across with more credibility & confidence.


Why can some people communicate better than others? Very simply, effective communicators know how to interpret their own & other people’s non-verbal cues – i.e. body language, physical gestures, voice tones & facial expressions.


Our 1-day Body Language Training will help you understand what other people are thinking by reading their reactions & physical behaviour.


Can be applied to all departments including leadership, sales, customer care, HR and workplace dynamics.

  • How to use body language to your benefit.
  • Influence others through your own body language.
  • Understand the impact of body language.
  • Read thoughts & feelings from basic gestures.
  • Learn what how to portray confidence & power.

Body Language Training


Quick Overview | Body Language Training


Course Location



Location Options

  • Workplace – face to face delivery or

  • Virtually – from anywhere in the world.


course duration



Fleixble Training Dates

  • Weekdays or Weekends.

  • Choose a date that fits your team best.


groups sizes




  • For individuals or teams.

  • For all UK organisations.

  • Perfect for all industries.


course certification



You Will Receive

  • Key course notes

  • Training materials

  • Certificate of achievement


Course Outline | Body Language Training


Keep in mind, the below non-verbal communication objectives are just an example. Our specialist body language trainers can design you a bespoke course from scratch.

  • What is body language?
  • How to recognise and read body language signals.
  • Recognise non-verbal communication gestures that could be misinterpreted.
  • Identify comfort and stress body language signs.
  • Communicate & influence people using body language signals.
  • Matching your words to your body language.
  • How to show confidence and credibility.

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