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1 Day Conflict Resolution Training


Looking To Reduce Team Conflict? This Course Provides Effective Skills For Dealing With Conflict At Work.

All teams at some stage or another are required to deal with difficult people and resolve conflict, often staff disputes can escalate which effects team morale, happiness and team performance.


Course Overview


Perfect for small or large teams, our one day Conflict Resolution Training course provides established techniques for effectively dealing with conflict in the workplace in a professional manner.

Delivered onsite at your workplace, Our in house Conflict Resolution Courses are designed to provide your teams with practical communication and conflict resolution skills to increase staff morale and help build better work relationships.



How Does Our Conflict Resolution Training Work?


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Delivered On-Site Within Your Workplace

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1 Day Conflict Resolution Course

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Each Delegate Will Receive A Certificate

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Group Sizes

Perfect For Small Or Large Groups




? Key Benefits Of Our Conflict Resolution Training Course?


This conflict resolution training course will help reduce conflict between fellow employees and teams, prevent difficult situations and provide professional conflict resolution strategies for dealing with conflict at work.

  • Reduce Team Conflict In The Workplace.
  • You Will Gain An Increase In Staff Performance.
  • Build Rapport, Trust And Better Team Relationships.
  • Approach Difficult People In The Workplace With Confidence.
  • Gain Key Mediation Tools And Professional Conflict Resolution Skills.




? What Does This Team Conflict Training Involve?


This comprehensive conflict resolution training course covers a range of proven techniques. Learn to deal with challenging attitudes and behaviours and reduce workplace conflict.

Please note we can tailor the below Conflict Resolution objectives to meet your exact training requirements.


Understand The Causes Of Workplace Conflict

  • Understand the underlining causes of conflict.
  • Master your own emotions in a conflict situation.


Effective Conflict Resolution Skills And Techniques

  • Learn how to handle difficult or abusive behaviour.
  • Understand the impact of ‘red rag’ words and phrases.
  • Learn a number of conflict management techniques to suit a range of situations.


Professionally Resolve Conflict In The Workplace

  • Learn techniques to manage different types of conflict professionally.
  • Identify the importance of a win win situation when resolving conflicts.
  • Avoid the negative impact of conflict and work towards compromise and resolution.




? Location of Training & Delegates Numbers?


Conflict resolution training delivered at your venue anywhere in the UK.

Our one day courses in conflict resolution are suitable for a minimum of (1) delegate and up to a maximum of (12) delegates per session for the same price. We can accommodate both small and large groups.




? Who Is This Course Suitable for?


Live And Learn Consultancy’s courses in conflict resolution training is suitable for all staff and teams who would like to develop their conflict skills and manage people with professionalism to avoid a break down of communication.

  • All Staff In The Workplace
  • Administrators
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Line Managers
  • Senior Management
  • All Job Roles
  • NHS Staff / Nurses
  • School Teachers
  • Security Officers
  • NHS Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • All Industry Sectors
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Education Sector
  • Retail Industry
  • Security Industry
  • Police Officers




Our Clients Feedback
An excellent conflict resolution training course!
Live And Learn Consultancy provided excellent workplace conflict resolution skills that our team can take into practice. Our team really enjoyed it.

4 out 5 Star Course Rating

More Info

In-House Conflict Resolution Training UK Locations

We deliver onsite Conflict Resolution in the workplace training at companies offices or premises wherever you are based in the UK.


What Is Conflict Resolution?

Dealing with conflict in the workplace is a common theme throughout most companies in the UK. We have all been in disagreements at one point or another, whether your on the front line or in a leadership role, its must be skilled in the area of conflict resolution techniques.

You may have asked yourself what is conflict resolution and how can I avoid disputes or possibly even resolve them. The simple answer is being equipped with awareness of conflict resolutions skills and a strong conflict resolution model for effectively dealing with conflict at work.


How To Deal With Conflict In A Team

Unresolved conflict at work and staff conflict in general is the foundation to failure in any business, yes it occurs across all UK companies however dealing with conflict within a team ensures strong teamwork and happier employees. When team conflicts are ignored and allowed to escalate, they can have a negative impact on productivity and teamwork. Using conflict resolution strategies in the workplace will help maintain a healthy work environment.

One of the key ways to deal with conflict in a team and to resolve conflict effectively is to simply listen first then speak, its also important to remove the emotion from all conversations. Yes it is very basic and simple, however by just listening to employees will be the first and most important step in resolving conflict in the workplace.

Resolve conflict at work by undertaking Live And Learn Consultancy’s Conflict Resolution Training Course.



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