Effective Communication Skills Training in the Workplace

Communication Skills Training – 1 Day


Helping Your Team Become Great Communicators

Looking to boost your team’s communication skills in the workplace? Understanding & applying effective techniques in the office are essential whether your communicating via email, speaking on the telephone or face to face aiming to get your point across confidently and clearly.


This popular training course has helped many employees in the UK discover the power of body language, gain highly effective listening skills, identify what communication styles are and how to apply them best to become great communicators.


Your team will learn to master the art of effective communication to ‘interact & engage better with other people’.


Course Overview

Our one day Advanced Communication Skills Training Course can be adapted to your exact requirements whether your looking to improve their communication skills with others; face-to-face, in meetings or on the telephone. Perfect for all your communication needs whether your seeking to communicate better with employees or externally with customers.

Delivered on-site at your workplace anywhere across the UK. Get quote today!



How Does This Training Course Work?


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Delivered In House Within Your Workplace

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1 Day Communication Skills Course

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Group Sizes

Perfect For Small Or Large Groups




? Key Benefits Of This Course?


Effective communication is the art of transferring your ideas, it is best judged by the effect it has on fellow employees or customers, the impact it generates and the overall results it achieves. Due to this advanced communication skills training course being so flexible, it can be adapted to and applied to the exact needs of your team.

  • Learn To Become An Effective Communicator.
  • Identify How To Influence Customers And Team Members.
  • Develop Effective Listening Skills And Key Response Techniques.
  • The Power Of Body Language And The Art Of Building Real Rapport.
  • Successfully Identify Different Communication Styles And Their Impact.




? What Does This Course Involve?


Successful teams and employees in the workplace with effective communication skills can not only express their own views, but clearly establish the needs of others.

The aim of this communication skills training course is to help you and your team become effective communicators, this will be achieved through equipping your team of employees in the workplace with proven communication techniques. Please note we can tailor the below Communication objectives to meet your exact training requirements.


Understanding Your Own Communication

  • Discover who you are as a communicator.
  • How your communication style is received by your customers or work colleagues.


Advanced Communication Skills

  • Get on to the same wave length as the people you are speaking to.
  • Learn to understand the impact of the words you say and how you say them.
  • Develop communication techniques to communicate with anyone effectively.
  • Learn the impact and power of body language in your communication with others.


Effective Communication Techniques

  • Gain active listening skills to help you become a good communicator.
  • Learn how to build positive relationships with your customer or colleague.
  • Employees will recognise how to use effective communication to build rapport.
  • Identify the impact & importance of good listening to improve interpersonal skills.


Communication Styles And Their Impact

  • Discover the reality of communication.
  • Learn the secret 4 behaviours of communication.
  • Understand how the communication cycle works.
  • Discover why you may have a personality clash with some people.
  • Gain confidence to negotiate a desired outcome with staff or customers.
  • Discover how communication will help you influence the people you interact with.




? Location & Delegates Numbers?


Good news, our one day communication training for employees are delivered in house / onsite within your workplace anywhere in the UK at a time and date that suits your organisation.

We can take a minimum of (1) delegate and up to a maximum of (12) delegates per session for the same price. We can accommodate both small and large groups for all advanced communication skills training courses.




? Who Is This Course Suitable for?


Our in house advanced Communication Training Course is perfect for all employees in the workplace who are looking to develop their communications skills.

  • All Employees At Work
  • Reception Staff
  • Administrators
  • Consultants.
  • Office Workers
  • Call Handlers
  • Telemarketers
  • Business Development.
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Line Managers
  • Senior Management.




Our Clients Feedback
Filled with practical communication exercises and activities, it has provided our team with effective techniques in how to communicate with people who have a different communication style.  10/10

4 out 5 Star Course Rating

More Info

In-House Communication Training UK Locations

We deliver in-house courses in advanced Communication Skills Training at your offices or business premises wherever you are based in the UK.


Advanced Communication Skills Training Course For All UK Industries

Our advanced courses in Communication provides delegates with proven techniques of how good face to face communication works and how to use different communication styles and interpersonal skills to your advantage to achieve a successful outcome.

Live And Learn Consultancy provide communication skills training for

  • Health Professionals, Healthcare Companies and NHS Sector, Hospitals, NHS Staff
  • Leisure And Tourism Industry
  • Insurance And Recruitment Companies
  • Banking And Finance
  • Manufacturing and Engineering Companies
  • Retail And Hospitality Businesses
  • Education and Schools Sector
  • Construction Companies
  • Transport, Warehouse and Logistics.

Being one the  leading business communication providers of training in the UK, we are committed to boosting your organisations skills in communication to a good standard.



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