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Transform your assertiveness skills, engage with confidence & improve your personal interactions by becoming more assertive at work. You will learn how to capture people’s attention and convey your point of view by using the right verbal and non-verbal communication. Gain best practice techniques to avoid conflict and instead creating mutually successful outcomes.



All assertive communicators who achieve positive outcomes will always consider the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of others. Lack of assertiveness in the workplace can result in employees and teams feeling angry and argumentative.


Assertive people have the ability get their point across without upsetting others, or becoming upset themselves. Identifying how to be assertive at work is an essential skill in business as is it allows you to bring your work ideas and points across with real clarity.


This Assertiveness Training Course will help you;

  • Handle Difficult People And Situations With Confidence.
  • Gain Powerful Assertive Skills To Create More Win / Win Outcomes.
  • Build Rapport And Better Relationships When Dealing With Difficult People.
  • Communicate More Effectively With Dominant People.
  • Understand Passive, Aggressive, Submissive, And Assertive Behaviours.



How Do Our Assertiveness Training Courses Work?


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Delivered In House within your workplace

course duration




1 Day Assertiveness Skills Training

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Each Delegate Will Receive A Certificate

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Group Sizes

Perfect For Small Or Large Groups




? What Does The Assertiveness Training Involve?


This course will help your staff discover how to build successful relationship by adopting the right communication style.

Please note we can tailor the below self Assertiveness Skills Course objectives to meet your exact workplace training requirements.


Introduction To Assertiveness In The Workplace

  • Learn what assertiveness is and how you can benefit.
  • Discover how effective assertiveness can have a positive impact in the workplace.


Understanding Different Assertive Behaviours

  • Recognising your own style.
  • Learn the benefits of adopting a more assertive behaviour.
  • Identify your own communication strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discover the key differences between the various assertive behaviours.
  • Learn to recognise passive, aggressive, submissive, indirect or assertive behaviour.


Assertive Communication Skills

  • Learn to confidently use your voice.
  • Identify the power of body language.
  • Recognise the importance of listening skills.
  • Learn how easy it is to build rapport and trust.
  • Learn the impact of positive and negative phrases.
  • Discover how to make an excellent first impression and the benefit.


Key Assertiveness Techniques

  • Learn how to delegate simple tasks.
  • Learn how to use the correct level of assertiveness.
  • Learn how to say “No” with confidence and clarity.
  • Learn to take responsibility for your role and workload.
  • Recognise how to respect the views and beliefs of others.
  • Learn the difference between a direct approach Vs Non-Direct approach.
  • Learn how to express your views and get results that benefit you and others.
  • The importance of effective communication and how to use this to your advantage.
  • Discover how to establish facts and gain clarification through effective questioning.


Creating A Successful Outcome

  • Identify the importance of win/win.
  • Learn how to disagree with people constructively.
  • Learn how to approach difficult and aggressive people with confidence.




? Location of Course And Delegates Numbers?


Good news, we can come to you regardless of your companies location! Our one day Assertive Training Courses are delivered in house within your workplace anywhere in the UK at a time and date that suits your business.


We can take a minimum of (1) delegate and up to a maximum of (12) delegates per session for the same price. We can accommodate both small and large groups.




? Who Is This Assertiveness Training for?


Learning how to be more assertive in the workplace can increase relationships and reduce the likelihood of conflict. Our In House Assertiveness Training at Work is suitable for all staff in the workplace including;


  • All Staff In The Workplace
  • Front Line Staff
  • Administrators
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Line Managers
  • Senior Management
  • All Job Roles
  • For Doctors
  • For Teachers
  • For Nurses
  • For Police
  • For Hotels
  • For Call Centres
  • All Industry Sectors
  • Healthcare And NHS
  • Education / Schools
  • Retail Industry
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Contact Centre Industry




Our Clients Feedback
The best Assertiveness training course we have attended!
Our team gained key assertive skills and raised our awareness of assertive behaviour styles. We also gained techniques for dealing with aggressive behaviour at work and identified the importance of body language for effective communication.

4 out 5 Star Course Rating

More Info
Developing Assertiveness Skills at Work

All assertive communicators who achieve positive outcomes will always consider the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of others. Lack of assertiveness in the workplace can cause a variety of challenges resulting in employees and teams feeling angry and argumentative.

Assertive behaviour can reduce stressful situations at work through combating passive aggressive behavior from other employees, our Assertiveness at Work training is a great training course for those looking to understand how to be confident, self assured and minimise confrontation with colleagues.



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