Cold Calling Tips and Tricks – Top 10

View our top 10 best Cold Calling Tips and Tricks to help you win more business.


Many sales professionals first reaction to calling potential clients over the telephone is one of fear and anxiety.


Sound familiar? Don’t worry, this article will equip you with 10 Best Cold Calling Tips and Tricks to help you sell more effectively to outbound b2b prospects.


Cold Calling Tips and Tricks for sales success


What skills are required for cold calling?


1. Positive Mind-Set


The reality is, cold calls should not be viewed as cold calls, Instead, they need to be thought of as an introductory call when prospecting new clients.


Your approach is key, look at calling prospects as a window of opportunity rather than a negative task. Your mental approach to sales will dictate your success rate.


2. Confidence


When calling b2b clients, nerves, anxiety and stress can become overwhelming. However, how can we improve our confidence levels to ensure we communicate our message clearly?


With the right preparation before the call, researching your target market and sticking to a flexible sales script will reduce your nerves and help you to sell more confidently.


3. The Power of Patience


When making call on your head-set, the key is to focus on one industry or business type and learn where they need help.


Most cold callers primary focus is to sell and close the deal as fast as possible. However, there is no long term success with this method. Instead, look for subtle hints and use those hints as an opportunity to sell.


Selling with patience is a recipe for long-term success. Why? Very simply, you have taken time to understand your market, therefore you have worked out what products and services to recommend that will present maximum value.


Increase your selling performance with patience and a more structured approach.



Top 10 Cold Calling Tips - Inforgraphic by Live And Learn Consultancy

Top 10 Cold Calling Tips – Infographic by Live And Learn Consultancy


How do you make a good cold call?


Here are our top 10 cold calling tips and tricks to help you make better sales calls and improve your selling performance.


1. Hard Sell vs Fact Finding


Focus on gathering key customer information, this is known as fact finding in the sales industry.


Once you obtain information from you customer, you can then use this information to sell your services successfully to similar companies.


Remember, hard selling in your first cold call will only put your clients off, so avoid this at all cost. You can read our blog on how to cold call for beginners which covers fact finding in more detail and what to do before calling clients.


2. Customer Buying Triggers


When dialling each potential customer, there is a key benefit that will trigger buying desire, this will open up the possibility of the customer to purchase your product or service.


One of the most important cold calling tips and tricks for sales success is to qualify your lead and find what benefit will cause the customer to buy from you.


This priceless information will help you influence your prospect in a positive way to purchase or at the very least set up a face to face sales meeting.


Once you identify your customers buying trigger through calling a variety of customers, immediately use this golden nugget as part of your sales pitch.


3. Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection


Even the best cold caller will be rejected by prospects on their call list. Rejection comes with the territory.


Rejection can be used in a positive way, how I hear you say. When you cold call and you are rejected, don’t just put the phone down, instead ask them why it is not of interest.


Their answer is feeding you valuable sales information which you can use to tweak your sales pitch or even overall sales approach.


Being rejected allows salespeople to understand over time, why companies are hestiant to buy. You can learn more about this via our 1 Day Telesales Skills Training Course.


4. Turn Objections into Opportunities


What is objection handling? When cold calling your customers, your goal is of course to convince them your product can add value to their business.


Customer objection in sales means you will encounter resistance and hear the following;

  • “No I’m not interested.”

  • “Your product is too expensive.”

  • “Not sure why we need your service.”


So, how can you overcome objections when selling over the telephone? By knowing and anticipating what those sales objections will be before your client responds.

Cold Calling Sales Objections Examples - Infographic from Live And Learn Consultancy

Cold Calling Sales Objections Example – Infographic from Live And Learn Consultancy


For example, handling an objection of, “it’s too expensive” can be an opportunity to emphasise the quality of the product and how it can boost the performance of their company.


If you are looking to become more persuasive as a sales person, why not check out our full portfolio of on-site Sales Training Programs, they will help you achieve the great cold calling results you desire.


5. Gatekeepers Are Not the Enemy


If you’re responsible for calling business-to-business (B2b) sales, the likelihood is your cold call will be answered by a receptionist or admin worker who are already on high alert.


Gatekeepers can be very intimidating and aggressive and can seem impossible to bypass.


So how can we get past the gate-keeper more often? Through adopting a more psychological sales tactic. This is one of the best cold calling tips and tricks salespeople use to move onto the next stage.


When your call is answered, act like you aren’t sure which person you should ask for and request them to put you through to the department you’re seeking.


Why does this sales trick work? I’s none threatening, they are used to aggressive salespeople telling them what to do. You are now guiding them in a more subtle way. Practice it, you will get the hang of it over time.


6. Take Time to Understand Your Product or Service


The most valuable asset you possess is the knowledge and technical aspects of the product or service you are selling over the telephone.


Your sales prospects will become customers of yours for many different reasons due to;

  • the price of your product

  • how persuasive and influential your sales pitch is

  • the technical benefits it provides their company.


Rather than mastering and fine tuning your cold calling techniques and handling client objections, also focus your time to master your products and services.


Only then can you provide your prospects with clear recommendations. It can even be the difference between making a telephone sales or not.


7. The Pause Effect


Have you ever received a cold call from an insurance company and the telemarketer spoke so fast you couldn’t understand what they were selling?


When communicating over the phone with your clients, effective sales people communicate their sales call in a controlled manner with a steady pace.

  • Avoid a one-way conversation

  • Pause when appropriate

  • Give your prospect the best chance possible to understand you.


If you want to become a better communicator view Live And Learn Consultancy’s powerful 1 day Communication Skills Training for Sales People.


8. Special Offers Boost Sales Conversions


We all love an exclusive deal.


It makes us feel like we have purchased a product and getting our money’s worth. One of the best ways to close telephone deals is to have a limited offer ready.


However, be careful, discount your products too low and you can come across desperate. You will also send off signals that your product is cheap and of no value. It’s up to you to find the right balance.


9. Know Your Cold Calling Goal


Many sales professionals constantly fail to implement any of our top 10 cold calling tips and tricks due to not stating their primary goal. For example, whether your sales goal is to;

  • Set up an appointment

  • Promoting a new offer

  • Closing the sale


Your sales pitch needs to clearly reflect what you are trying to achieve when picking up the phone to call your clients.


Know your goal and tailor your sales pitch to achieve it.


10. Track Your Cold Calling Results


Tracking your sales results allows you to improve your cold calling performance.


You are able to clearly analyse what cold calling techniques work and don’t work. For example, you will begin to notice trends such as;

  • What time of the day callers pick up the phone most
  • How long you have to influence your customer into a purchase
  • The most popular type of customer objections you receive
  • Why customer are not buying your product
  • Which decision maker to ask for
  • What key benefits are best to mention when selling over the phone

How can you best handle your sales leads whilst tracking your progress? Use a CRM (Contact Management System). A popular CRM to track your sales calls is


We hope you enjoyed this article on top 10 Cold Calling Tips and Tricks. View our other articles below.


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