5 Selling Tips to Increase Your Sales in 2019

5 Selling Tips to Increase Your Sales in 2019


Here are our five best selling tips to increase sales in any business without spending any money.


Are you investing large sums of advertising money? Perhaps you’re paying a marketing company to run your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter?


Stop! Before you invest in other platforms, there are a few selling tips and tricks your sales team can try right now to boost revenue!



Our 5 Best Selling Tips to Increase Your Sales in 2019


Tip 1 – Simple Product Promotion


How can we maximise the impact of selling? Limiting the number of products you actively sell helps your prospect to make a clear choice.


When it comes to selling products through b2b methods, many companies make the mistake of advertising and selling too many different products and end up with little impact.


Many customers fail to make purchase simply because businesses offer a complicated or unclear description, hence leading to confusion. Simplicity is power!


Confused Customer Purchase


Avoid promotions requiring prospects to make more choices after making the decision to buy. Some won’t be able to make a clear choice. They’ll avoid the risk of making a wrong choice by making NO choice — and you lose the sale you already had.


Alternatively, you can combine several products and services into one package for one price. But always make your prospective customer’s buying decision a simple “yes” or “no”. This basic selling tip will increase your sales revenue, just try it.


Tip 2 – Sell The Sizzle, Not The Sausage


You have 3-5 seconds to capture your client’s attention, make it count!


What’s the biggest benefit or USP (unique selling point) you offer to your customers? That benefit is your strongest selling appeal. In the sales industry, it’s called, selling the sizzle.


Use your best product features and benefits to attract prospects to your promotional message. How can you sell product and features best? Include your best benefit in

  • the headline of your ads.

  • At the top of your web page or brochure.

  • Use it as the opening of your audio or video promotions.


Leading immediately with your biggest benefit captures your prospect’s attention and provides a compelling reason to continue reading or listening to your message. If you sell over the phone view out blog entitled how to cold call successfully.


When selling to b2b customers, make your sales message short, make it count.


Tip 3 – Personalise Your Sales Pitch


Develop customized versions of your sales message to cater to the specific interests of prospects in each market you target.


Use the language and style of prospects in each market to communicate your message to them.


4. Create Excitement


Businesses often describe their product or service with words like, “It’s fast, easy and inexpensive”. But a specific description of how fast, how easy and how inexpensive will generate more sales.


For example, a general statement like, “Our clients get more sales”, is dull.


It won’t produce sales. Replace it with a specific statement like, “Most of our new clients enjoy at least a 17 percent sales increase in the first month”. This statement creates excitement.


In a recent survey, mentioning a number in your statement increases click through rates on social media sites particularly. It motivates prospects to sign up now so they can start enjoying that 17 percent increase in their sales.


Increase Your Telesales Skills


5. The Power of Impulse


Quick sales fact, customers usually buy on impulse, not logic.


Why do customers buy on impulse? They base their buying decision on how they feel about your product or service. Get them excited about using your product or service and you’ll increase your sales.


Revise your ads, sales letters and web pages to dramatize the emotional rewards your customer will experience when using your product or service.


We hope Live and Learn Consultancy’s 5 Selling Tips to increase your sales will have a positive impact on your business or sales staff.


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