Sales Techniques For Travel Agents

Sales Techniques for Travel Agents


The travel industry is fast becoming a highly competitive market, as sales agents, we therefore need to innovate new ways of selling vacations and dream holidays to maximise on every customer sales opportunity.


Sales Techniques For Travel Agents


How do travel agents make sales? Here are 5 tips and techniques of how to increase sales in a travel agency or a tour operator business. Let’s get started


#1 – Avoid information overload


You will be surprised to know by giving customer excessive choice can harm your sales campaign rather than enhance it. Therefore, its important you tailor your sales ideas.


Aim to build genuine rapport and dont focus directly on the sale. It’s a popular error many salespeople make.


Use real customer stories to highlight genuine value. People buy from people they trust and like.


Not only will your clients engage in the conversation more, but you will begin to build a sales rapport as you’re not saying what’s better, but instead looking to enhance and expand their travel thoughts and ideas.


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#2 – Relevant sales travel promotions


Travel agents need to be thinking on their feet as the travel industry is fast moving and ever changing.


Think outside the box and look to forge partnerships with external sources such as;

  • local colleges and universities

  • department stores

  • local restaurants

  • local cinemas

  • local associations

  • sports clubs

  • charity fundraisers

  • community associations

  • local special events.


There is an endless list of new ways of attracting business. Want to generate new business over the telephone?


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#3 – Generate sales in travel from social media


One of the most popular sales techniques for travel agents is the use of social media. Ensure to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.


Use your current promotions to be relevant and reflect current times. You can even use monthly competitions to entice customers to submit their email details and then send them offers.


Yes, this maybe time consuming but with the right offer at the right time for the right person means potential business. Just think in your feet!


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#4 – Join the chamber of commerce


Most sales techniques for travel agents will demand you don’t bother with this sales idea but it can be very useful if used wisely.


Cross-promote your latest promotions and packages with other local companies. How? Simply call them and set up a meeting. After all, cross-promotion is mutually beneficial for both companies, so they will be interested.


Do your research on joining the local chamber of commerce as it can be great for networking with many industries including Travel, Retail, Training, Education, Manufacturing, Engineering, Warehouse And Storage, Manufacturing and many others.


By establishing partnerships, you increase the chances of sales success in the travel industry.


#5 – Successful travel agents tailor sales promotions


Develop more customised client promotions: air, cars, cruises, hotels, theme parks, golf resorts, spa packages etc.


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Take the stress and worry out of the pre-planning experience for your clients. If they absolutely don’t want to travel by air for the present time, package other means of transportation.


Also, think of new commission opportunities: whether its vacation home rentals or selling add on insurance, travel intelligence, and services offering convenience.


To Wrap Up

  • Simple Promotions – Avoid confusing your customers with too many promotional offers.

  • Customer Success Stories – Use past customer success stories in brochures, email campaigns or when speaking with customers face to face.

  • New Partnerships – Forge new partnerships with local businesses to cross promote your travel services.

  • Connect Via Social Media – Use social media to engage with your customers and use a unique hashtag so new customers can see your great success stories. For example, call previous clients to leave a message on twitter with the hashtag #funholiday, or a phrase that relates to your organisation.


We hope you enjoyed our article on Sales Techniques for Travel Agents.


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