Basic Sales Tips for Beginners

5 Basic Sales Tips for Beginners


Are you new to sales? Perhaps you want to sell with more confidence? Here are 5 basic sales tips beginners can use to understand the fundamentals of effective selling.


Research has shown that fear is one of the greatest barriers for new salespeople or marketing consultants to advertise and sell more effectively to their customer base.


If you’re a novice wondering how to have an impact in sales meetings and close more business deals, here are five essential tips that form the foundation for successful selling.


5 Basic Sales Tips for Beginners


What are the 7 basic sales skills to succeed?


There are many different attributes and qualities a salesperson needs to sell more effectively. The below list briefly explains 6 key skills.


Listening Skills


The ability to listen to your clients’ needs builds rapport, opens up more possibilities to sell and most importantly builds trust. Being able to listen as a salesperson is a very underrated attribute.


Ability to Network


Successful salespeople understand that face to face networking increases the chances of building real links and business relationships in the community. You don’t just get one off sales, you build real clients for long-term success.


Communication Skills


If you are responsible for selling goods and services, being able to communicate with different people whether introverted or extroverted is vital.


Also, being able to read body language and use your own body language to influence your customer are character traits the most successful salespeople attain.




Being competitive allows you to measure your skills against other sales people, furthermore sales competition is the basis for hunger and to achieve more than you first desired.




Most successful top sales earners have the ability to bounce back from difficult days where they found it difficult to close a deal. Selling is not easy, being resilient in a sales job role is a must.


We have a great article on how to be more resilient at work.




Being persistent is important for selling success as it allows you to keep going when most sales people would give up the chase.


Sometimes you will be in a position where you will need to chase your prospect through calling or even emailing them multiple times.


Top 5 Basic Sales Tips for Beginners


Now that you know what makes a good salesperson, let’s explore 5 best b2b sales tips to help you sell more successfully.


Tip 1 – Figure Out What Your Customers’ Needs Are


Yes, its as simple as that. The first step essential sales step is to know your market, understand the needs of your customers so you can work out a sales pitch that helps you to sell more effectively.


Tip 2 – Product Knowledge


Deep product knowledge removes fear and the frustration of selling.


New sales reps require product training, why is this? If you are accurately trained on a product, your knowledge and confidence will help you to;

  • Provide clear and sound customer advice.

  • Explain how your product will be of value.

  • Accurately answer any customer questions.


Tip 3 – Prospect with Persistence


Once you have identified your customer’s needs, and you have product knowledge it’s now time to use your prospecting skills to target your buyer.


What is sales prospecting? The definition of sales prospecting is when inside sales reps make outbound telephone calls or send outbound emails to leads with the primary goal of creating new opportunities.


Effective prospecting allows you to grow or nurture existing accounts or cold call new clients. Learn how to cold call effectively.


Tip 4 – Active Listening


Avoid talking at your customer.


What is active listening in sales? The core principles of active listening equip salespeople to build trust and establish real customer rapport.

  • Non-verbal cues include – eye contact, nodding and leaning forward to show a genuine interest.
  • Verbal affirmations include – “I see”, “I know”, “I understand.”

Applying active listening techniques in sales, which are a valuable listening skill, equips you to make a conscious effort to understand what your customers are really saying.


Tip 5 – Objection Handling


Resistance from your customers is natural. Handling and objection is one of the toughest barriers to overcome when making a successful sale.


What is objection handling in sales? It simply means to address your prospect’s minor or major concerns regarding your product or service before they make a purchase.


Want to sell more successfully over the telephone? View our 1 Day Telesales Training Course.


Bonus Tip – Closing the Deal


Now that your prospect has shown a genuine interest in your product, don’t forget to miss the final step. It’s now time to close the sale and get the business!


There are many examples of closing the sale, the example you need to apply depends on what you are selling.


Examples of closing techniques include;

  • The Now or Never Close – This product is the last one of its kind, shall I pop one over the counter for you?

  • The Summary Close – So we have a large fridge, a cooker and washing machine, when is the best time to deliver for you?

  • The Question Close – Does what we offer you solve the challenges you are currently experiencing?

  • Assumptive Close – Does what we offer sound like soemthing that would be of value to your business?


As you can gather, being skilled at closing is possibly one of the most important sales techniques you can develop.


How can you improve your closing techniques? Ask a more experiencing salesperson who can share further basic sales tips and tricks that work.


Take a 1 day Sales Course to increase your selling skills or why no expand your knowledge and view the rest of our Latest Sales Blogs to learn more tips and tricks.


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