10 Tips for Recruiting Top Salespeople

10 Tips for Recruiting Top Salespeople


Did you know 40% of sales staff continuously fail to meet their assigned key performance indicators (sales targets).


For recruitment specialists, business owners or managers, finding the right talent can mean the difference between failure and success.


If you know where and how to look whilst utilising our best recruitment techniques listed below, hiring talented sales staff for your industry is possible. This short article provides 10 tips for recruiting top salespeople who can make a real difference to your business.


Tips for Recruiting Top Salespeople - Recruitment Techniques for Sales


Why Is Recruiting Top Salespeople Important?


Sales is recruitment! A bold statement to begin with, but think about it, what does a specialist recruitment consultant do? Recruiters sell the candidate on the job hoping they will be the ideal salesperson for their company.


When recruiting sales staff, the days where you whip up a quick job advertisement or post a ‘we are hiring sign’ on Twitter or Facebook are over.


Recruiting good salespeople requires more structure, patience and know how when it comes to an effective recruitment and selection process. Ultimately, recruiting is the most important aspect for achieving higher profitability benchmarks, improving team morale, and remaining a competitive company within your industry.


Let’s explore different sales recruitment techniques for recruiting sales staff

How to recruit salespeople

10 Tips for Recruiting Top Salespeople – Recruitment Infographic by Live And Learn Consultancy


Proven 10 Tips for Recruiting Top Salespeople


#1 – Be Authentic


In my opinion, this is the most important quality clients and candidates look for. So, don’t try to be anything other than yourself. In the beginning, as a person responsible for recruitment, you may want to ‘be the expert’ but that would be foolish.


For example, people who’ve been in your sector or have been in a previous sales job role will see straight through your fake persona and you will lose credibility almost immediately.


#2 – Read Everything


A quote that truly makes sense, “dig your well before you’re thirsty.”


Planning makes sales recruitment easier. As a recruiter, ensure you read your

  • candidate’s CVs

  • industry journals

  • client’s websites

  • industry specific blogs and articles.


Develop a real thirst for knowledge. Be inquisitive. Search Google.


Take time to understand who your main competitors are and find out what’s working for them.


Put in the hours, do your research, obviously outside core working time, in evenings, whilst commuting, in lunch hours at weekends, as mentioned above it can be the difference between your company failing or succeeding.



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#3 – Network and Get Connected


Now you know your market, the skills required for recruitment, the players and the clients involved, the time has come to ‘Get Connected’.


How can you engage with other people and boost awareness? For example;

  • Reach out and meet people face to face.

  • Use social media apps, follow influential people and re-tweet appropriately.

  • Talk about issues, challenges, and projects.


Don’t fall in the trap of tweeting only sales jobs! Job adverts! and more jobs!


It’s not authentic and guess what, no one listens. As your network grows, you will begin to connect with other likeminded experts and engage more naturally.


Why is this important? Well, a good support network or community will likely share similar problems, they can then give you the best advice possible from their experiences to ensure you overcome your challenges for recruiting top sales staff.


Use LinkedIn to connect with genuine sales professionals.


Furthermore, you can post a job on LinkedIn directly to salespeople in your area. Again, be sincere, authentic.


All the time your recruitment knowledge is growing, your understanding is increasing and your resourcing expertise developing.


Want to recruit the right people for the right role? Our popular on-site 1 Day Recruitment Skills Training is suitable for managers, hr professional or recruiters seeking to increase their recruitment techniques.


#4 – Share


After a while you will be in a position to share your newly acquired wisdom.


You might start by sharing interesting and relevant articles you find, relevant sector job and project information, technology, and trend updates.


Remember to use Twitter and LinkedIn to re-tweet and share interesting and fun stuff.


#5 – Engage and Be Open


Good news! Now people will start to engage you. Be open to them no matter how bizarre some of their approaches might be.


Respect a sales person’s opinions. Listen to them and try and understand where they are coming from.


Thank people who share your stuff on LinkedIn and Twitter. Engage your social media audience and connect them. If they are located near your business, perhaps meet them for coffee, Skype them, call them, email them and tweet them.


Building genuine local relationships is key for long-term sales success.


As you do this, your network and reputation will start to spread, and you will start to get referrals. You have now started to become seen as a person to go to, someone of influence.


#6 – Always Learning


The key thing is not to stop. Keep learning, connecting, and sharing only now it gets harder. You need to make sure these activities don’t distract you from your core recruitment activities but by now you will see that they are starting to enhance and support it.


You will note that your client meeting, interview techniques and conversations are more meaningful.


Do you communicate with people face to face? What if you could read people’s communication style in 3 to 5 seconds of meeting them? For example, are they people who demonstrate;

  • introverted behaviour

  • extroverted behaviour

  • dominant behaviour

  • passive behaviour


Our popular 1 Day Communication Skills Course will help you communicate with people of all types whilst reducing conflict and increasing real rapport.


#7 – Be Persistent


When listing our 10 Tips for Recruiting Top Salespeople, this technique is always the first to go. It’s vital to stay persistent to succeed in anything long-term, it won’t be easy but remember… stay persistent and stay consistent in your recruitment drive.


#8 – Adapt


Remember its not always the smartest person or business who succeeds, its the one who is willing to adapt to the market and act upon it before others do.


#9 – Be Passionate


I said at the beginning, be authentic and that authenticity should come from a genuine passion for the industry you’re working in.


If you lose your passion, the time has come to move on to other projects.


It’s your passion for effective recruitment is infectious, your passion will drive your sales people to succeed as they now know how much it means to you and your company.


#10 – Be Humble


Finally, as you increase your awareness, reputation and following, remember to always remain humble. Never lose that openness and willingness to connect with people of all backgrounds, you never know what you will learn.


Behaviour breeds behaviour, meaning if you are arrogant in your interaction, most likely the people you employ will display the same behaviour back and more.


Keep this in mind when recruiting your ideal candidates. Good luck!


Feel free to share our 10 Tips for Recruiting Top Salespeople or view our latest free training resources.


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