How to Cold Call for Sales Success

How to Cold Call Effectively & Close Sales


Done right, cold calling is still an effective sales tool to help you generate new business within your industry.


Calling other businesses with a poorly structured script can be difficult, out dated and even a waste of time. However, by adopting a more ‘human approach’ and applying the right telephone sales techniques, you will increase your chances of turning cold leads into warm sales opportunities.


How to Cold Call


Our outbound call handlers have called many b2b prospects over the years, so we thought, why not share 6 cold calling techniques that really work for effective business development.


This article aims to help you learn how to cold call successfully, with that being said, let’s get started below.


What To Do Before You Start Cold Calling


Before you start a cold call and begin to prospect other businesses, there are 5 key rules all aspiring sales professionals need to keep in mind.

  • Call Volume – Your call output needs to be high. At least 20 calls per hour.

  • Be Realistic – Do not expect instant sales results.

  • Think Long-Term – Avoid focusing on a quick sale. Instead focus on long term repeat business by building real relationships.

  • Market Research – Preperation is paramount. Always research your target market, this will help your cold calling to be more relative to your client’s needs.

  • Know Your Product – When selling, take the time to understand the best features and benefits of your product or service. Your customers will not trust you if you can’t answer their questions.


How To Cold Call Sales Leads With A Clear Process



1. Get Your Clients Attention


You have less than 12 seconds to make an impact on your sales prospect over the telephone, so make every second count when cold calling.


When opening the call, effective cold callers always seek to take control, the reason behind this is to guide the sales prospect and to buy more time to explain the reason behind your call.


You only have short time-frame, so keep your opening call statement brief, simple and clear.


Use your clients first name by using a friendly and welcoming tone. Your communication and attitude will always bleed through the phone, so aim make the right impression.


2. Communicate the Reason Behind Your Call


Example of a Cold Calling Opening Statement:


“Good morning, Ms. Grainger. This is Marie McVey from Live And Learn Consultancy. I read on twitter that you recently employed a new sales team.


I’d like to ask a few questions to determine whether one of our corporate one-day Sales Training Program might meet your needs of your sales team?”


Avoid Asking Closed-Ended Questions Like:

  • Hi Ms. Grainger, is this a good time to call?

  • Hi Ms Grainger, how are you today?

  • Hi Ms Grainger, isn’t the weather great today?


By opening the cold call with an open-ended question, it allows too much room for client objections. Minimise this possibility by explaining the reason behind your call. 


Effective telephone communication comes through adopting a clear message and delivering it with clarity.


Be resilient and move onto the next. If your cold call is not of interest at this stage, at least you have allowed the prospect to listen and digest how you can help their company.



3. Avoid Information Overload


Many sales employees continue to make this mistake. When understanding how to cold call companies, the salesperson is so desperate for the sale, they begin to rant on with no dialogue structure and therefore taking away the impact of their call.


Less is more for effective cold calling, allow your sales prospect to engage and interact in a human conversation. Sticking to a script will only get you so far.


When making cold calls, ensure you have a clear and strong reason for calling. The reason for this is that the probability of someone putting the phone down increases if they have no use for your product or service.


4. Make Your Cold Call Relevant


Why is generic marketing most likely to fail? It doesn’t speak to their target audience or demographic.


Ensure you have thoroughly researched your target market and the type of businesses you are calling.


How can you make your sales call relevant? Tailoring your sales pitch to that specific industry will mean you are speaking their language and therefore they will understand you. Gatekeepers or decision makers will be more likely to listen what you can offer them.


Dialling calls with a relevant sales pitch will help you;

  • build client rapport.

  • increase your chances of making an appointment.

  • make a direct sale over the telephone.


5. Identify Your Customer’s Buying Triggers


When learning how to cold call successfully, this is a secret technique many effective telemarketers use.


So, how can you influence your customer-base?


Your power is based within the key benefits of your product or service you are selling. To begin to influence your customer you must;

  1. aim to understand where their business needs help

  2. ask questions to extract key information

  3. use this information on similar businesses you cold call.


Once you have identified your customers buying trigger, use it as a selling opportunity. Again, businesses of the same industry tend to experience the same challenges. This is your opportunity to sell more effectively over the phone.


6. Always Be Closing


One of the most important cold calling techniques listed in this article.


You’d be surprised how many times I have received a cold call, the telemarketer explains what they are offering and following a conversation, they fail to ask for the business or even a meeting.


Can I spend 15 minutes with you next week to discuss with you further?” Don’t not speak. After this question, allow your client to answer the question.


People buy from people the trust, it’s difficult to build trust with people over the phone, therefore, focus your energy on securing an appointment. Face to face selling presnce itself with many more advantages.


Quick Recap for How to Cold Call Successfully

  • Ensure your opening call is brief and clear.
  • Avoid information overload.
  • Communicate your message in a friendly tone and a steady pace.
  • Keep your sales pitch relevant to your industry
  • Learn your customer buying triggers to influence their purchase.
  • Always be closing by asking for the business or a securing a face to face meeting.

We hope this article on How to Cold Call for Sales provided some techniques that will help improve your cold calling performance. Why not check our new blog called Latest Top 10 Cold Calling Tips and Tricks to sell more effectively.


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