Management Skills Training - 1 Day Program

Management Skills Training – 1 Day


Great managers inspire great performance, this training program will empower you with best practice management skills to become a high performing manager.


Learn how to confidently manage your team, nurture better staff relationships, and increase your team’s performance through our popular corporate Management Skills Training Program.


Gain a deeper understanding of a manager’s true role and responsibility and learn fundamental managerial techniques to build and manage a high performing team. As one of the top management training companies in the UK, we understand the importance of managing people in the workplace for greater success.


Can be adapted around the exact needs of your first line managers, middle managers or senior management teams. Ideal for all industry sectors.


Management Skills Training for New Managers


Key Benefits of our Management Skills Training

  • Become an effective manager people want to work for.

  • Identify how to communicate to your team.

  • Learn how to goal set for success.

  • Discover successful delegation techniques.

  • Identify when and how to adopt different management styles.

  • Inspire your team to greater success.


Course Objectives


Managers Role and Responsibility

  • Understand the role of an effective manager.
  • Identify the importance of inspiring and motivating your team.
  • key responsibilities of a manager in the workplace.

Communication Skills for Managers

  • Understand the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Learn how to plan tasks and attain goals through others.
  • Confidently delegate tasks to team members.

Management Styles and Team Performance

  • Identify different management styles and when to use them.
  • Deliver a one to one meeting with impact.
  • Understand the difference between leadership and management.
  • How to provide effective staff feedback and positively manage performance.
  • Set SMART goals and manage your team to success.

Quick Course Overview


Who is this training course for?


Target Audience

  • New Managers
  • First Line Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Middle Managers
  • Senior Management Teams

Our trainers can accommodate small or large management teams across any industry sector.


Location of Training Courses


Course Location

Delivered on-site at your work offices.

Please note, if you do not have facilities at your business premises, our Management Skills Training for managers can also be delivered off-site, away from your workplace.


What is the training course duration?



Choose from the below delivery options. Our management consultants can deliver training at a time and date that suits your team best.
  • 1 Day Training Program
  • 2 Day Training Program
  • 12 Month Masterclass

What Does The Training Course Include?


What’s Included?

  • Key Course Notes
  • Training Materials
  • A4 Certificate of Achievement

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