Chairing Meetings Training - 1 Day Course

Conducting and Chairing Meetings Training


Conduct great meetings at work that inspire action!


Your managers and leaders will learn how to prepare & conduct highly effective meetings that inspire action & help achieve your business goals.


Conducting effective meetings in the workplace plays an essential role on the overall success of your business. Why are team meetings important?


Running a well-prepared meeting that is managed effectively from start to finish allows for debate, sharing ideas as a team and key decisions being made to help encourage more successful outcomes.


Our one-day Chairing Meetings Training Course aims to help you confidently prepare meetings with a clear agenda, manage them effectively to avoid staff feeling bored, and ultimately agree clear action points to ensure your team achieve the agreed goals.


Chairing Meetings Training Course


Key Benefits of Chairing Meetings Training

  • Conduct and manage meetings that inspire action.

  • Prepare and chair meetings with confidence and clarity.

  • Set clear meeting agendas for maximum impact.

  • Structure meetings to achieve objectives and avoid wasting time.

  • Clearly set action points to achieve your desired goals and deadlines.

  • Conduct highly effective staff or business meetings that are productive.


Course Objectives


Live And Learn Consultancy’s structured approach will give the meeting holder confidence to plan, execute and give feedback in meetings that will ensure attendees are there on time, attentive and motivated.


Please note, our trainers can design you a bespoke course around conducting telephone or conference meetings also.


Prepare Meetings That Matter

  • Understand the importance of preparation.
  • How to set a strong meeting agenda.
  • Define clear roles within the meeting for clarity and impact.

Hold Business or Team Meetings with Impact

  • Identify our powerful 7 steps to the perfect meeting.
  • How to manage meetings to time with strong outcomes.
  • Understand the importance of listening.
  • Recognise and manage potential challenges with our `6 hats` exercise.
  • Discover methods of holding effective and efficient meetings.

How to Close a Meeting with Clear Goals

  • Identify the importance of feedback in the meeting process.
  • Discover how to review key actions and outcomes.

Conducting Effective Meetings Training Overview


Who is this training course for?


Who is this course suitable for?

  • Managers, team leaders, supervisors, anyone who is likely to deliver face to face team meetings in the workplace.

Location of Training Courses


Where is this course delivered?

Delivered on-site at your work offices.

Please note, if you do not have facilities at your business premises, our Chairing Meetings Training can also be delivered off-site, away from your workplace.


What is the training course duration?


Training duration?

10:00 – 16:00 – Times can be changed depending on your availability,

What Does The Training Course Include?


Delegates will receive

  • Key Course Notes
  • Training Materials
  • A4 Certificate of Achievement

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