Change Management Training Course

Change Management Training – 1 Day


Change can be the spark that allows performance to thrive! Learn how to manage change in the workplace whilst ensuring your organisation or team remain motivated.


Perfect for managers or team leaders, this effective Change Management Training Course provides best practice communication skills, processes & principles to successfully lead your team or organisation through change.


In business, the word change can initially be viewed as a negative process due to employees and teams feeling unprepared, fearful, or even lacking the skills to transition successfully. Learn how to prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in the workplace to drive organisational success.

  • Develop key skills for communicating change to your team.
  • How to manage resistance to change.
  • Identify what change management is & how it impacts others.
  • Learn proven processes for managing change effectively.
  • Discover the importance of reviewing the change process.
  • Motivate others through cultural or organisational change.

Change Management Training for Managers and Team Leaders


How Our Change Management Training Works


Course Location




This course is delivered in-house at your workplace.

course duration




1-Day Effective Change Skills Management Courses

course certification




Each delegate will receive an a4 certificate of achievement.

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Who For

For people managing change in a team or business.


Course Objectives


Our expert trainers can tailor the below Change Management Training objectives to meet your exact development needs.


Understanding Change Management

  • Identify the definition of change.
  • Understand how change feels.
  • Recognise the consequences of not managing change.

How to Deal with Change Management

  • Identify 5 key principles of change and the impact on the individual & the business.
  • Discover the `3 states of change`.
  • Understand effective change management techniques and models.

Planning for Change Management

  • Recognise and appreciate everyone reacts differently to change.
  • Discover the change curve and its importance in planning.
  • Learn how to manage planned and unplanned change.
  • Manage resistance to change.
  • Develop mediums for communicating and managing change.
  • Recognise the importance for review during and after change.
  • The importance of communication & effective leadership within the change process.

Quick Course Overview


Who is this training course for?


Suitable for?

All team members who influence and manage change within the organisation.
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • First Line Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Directors
  • Business Owners

What Does The Training Course Include?


You will receive

  • Key Course Notes
  • Training Materials
  • A4 Certificate of Achievement

Change Management Training Review and Ratings


Change Management Training Review

Prior to this course, our management team lacked the planning, knowledge and skills to implement change in the workplace without employee arguments and discontent.
Thanks to this fantastic course, our hr professionals, leaders and managers can now use their new found strategic processes for effectively managing change in the workplace.

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Change Management Training Courses for Managers and Team Leaders

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