Building High Performance Teams Training

Building High Performance Teams Training


Develop a high performing team that works cohesively, rises to the challenge & achieves positive results.


Excellent team performance can be only achieved if you possess strong leadership, share team goals, execute clear communication whilst creating trust amongst your team.


Building High Performance Teams Training equips your managers & leaders with a best practice toolkit to create a high performing team that achieves business goals.


Perfect for all UK companies, this 1-day training course will help your leaders or managers to;

  • Build a culture of trust & accountability.
  • Renew your team’s inspiration & self-motivation.
  • Eradicate any blame culture.
  • Boost team cohesion.
  • Overcome dysfunction within your team.
  • Create a highly productive work environment.

Building High Performance Teams Training at Work


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Course Outline | High Performance Teams Training


Every leader aspires for their team to perform at their most optimum level. To create a high-performance culture within your business, learning how to build strong team dynamics, developing team synergy & creating a thriving working environment will all contribute to achieving this goal.


Live And Learn Consultancy’s essential program includes;


Definition of a High Performing Team

  • Defuse conflict and pull together.
  • People who have deep trust in each other.
  • Everyone working towards a common goal.
  • Ensure everyone gets the chance to contribute.
  • Make decisions where there is natural agreement.

The Importance of Effective Teams

  • Offering different perspectives and feedback.
  • Improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Providing learning opportunities for all.
  • Promoting collaboration.
  • Interdependent working environment.

Principles of Building a High Performing Team

  • Having a clear vision of objectives and goals.
  • Enthused about delivering their goals.
  • How to act in line with your defined cultures.
  • Good leadership.
  • Responding positively to setbacks through effective decision making.
  • Take accountability for their actions.
  • Maintain effective communication & healthy relationships with one another.

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