Absence Management Training Courses

Absence Management Training


Learn how to manage and reduce staff absenteeism in the workplace by gaining best practice hr policies and procedures via our 1 day Absence Management Course.


Failing to manage employee absenteeism and sickness at work costs UK companies’ money and time and can potentially decrease workplace cohesion.


By effectively managing absence at work, you will avoid unnecessary pitfalls including excessive absenteeism from employees. You will improve staff motivation whilst reducing the financial strains that are associated with poor attendance levels.


Our comprehensive 1-day Absence Management Training Course is designed to help hr staff, line managers or team leaders manage sickness absenteeism confidently.


Absence Management Training Courses for Line Managers


Key Benefits of This Absence Management Course

  • Reduce employee absence by dealing with persistent offenders.

  • Recognise the types of long term and short-term absences.

  • Discover the importance of managing absence and the cost to the business.

  • Learn how to conduct professional return to work interviews.

  • Identify up to date staff absence policy & procedures.


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Course Objectives


Designed by specialist trainers, Live And Learn Consultancy’s Absence Management Training objectives can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.


Alternatively, if you or your team require a fully bespoke training solution, we can design and deliver that for you instead. View our full HR Course List for more details.


Understanding Absence in the Workplace

  • Identify the causes of absence in the workplace.
  • Understand the true cost of absence to the business.
  • Confidently state and execute the code of conduct around absence.

The Line Managers Role

  • Understand your role as the line manager for managing absence.
  • Identify key behaviours needed to effectively manage absence.
  • Why we monitor absence in the workplace.
  • Legislation in relation to absence.

The Absence Process

  • Understand how the absence process works.
  • Explore a clear strategy for best practice and sound process.
  • Be confident in applying an absence policy in the workplace.
  • Develop tools for managing and dealing with short term and long terms absence.

Return to Work Interviews

  • The importance of a return to work staff interview.
  • Discover how to implement a sound return to work interview procedure.
  • Identify a clear process around dismissal.

Quick Overview of our Absence Management Training


Who Is This Course For


Who is this course suitable for?

For line managers, team leaders or HR professionals who deal with absenteeism at work.

We can accommodate small or large groups of staff depending on the number of people you want to place on the course.


Where Is This Absence Management Training course delivered?


Where is this course delivered?

Delivered in-house at your work offices. Our Absence Managing Training Course can also be delivered off-site.

Course Duration


How long is this course?

Our Absence Management Training is a 1 Day Course.


This Course Includes


Your Course Includes

  • Key Course Notes
  • Training Materials
  • A4 Certificate of Achievement

Absence Management Training Course Review and Ratings


Recent Course Review

Following this training course, our managers learned how to reduce sickness absence in the workplace thanks to Live And Learn Consultancy.
Our Managers gained also gained insightful HR knowledge and practical methods to ensure their teams no longer face excessive absenteeism due to illness, a lack of staff motivation or any other reason we previously experienced. Highly recommended to all staff who manage people at work!

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