Richard Branson Leadership Skills

Richard Branson Leadership Skills, Qualities and Lessons for Business Success


What makes a successful leader? This article on Richard Branson’s leadership skills for business success aims to empower your entrepreneurial journey, spark new ideas and by provide tips he used to grow Virgin into a powerhouse!


Without question, Richard Branson is truly one of a kind when it comes to successful entrepreneurs in modern times. He has continually progressed in the world of business and finance by being an innovator and a unique leader.


Here are 3 quick facts about Sir Richard Branson


Fact 1 – He Has No Degree!


Richard Branson education was short, he was in fact a high school dropout who acquired his business success without a university degree. His ambition and entrepreneurial spirit was evident even at a young age.


Fact 2 – He Started His First Business Aged 16


Branson’s first business venture at the tender age of just 16 was a magazine called Student.


Since establishing his business brand, Virgin Group at the tender age 20, he is the only businessman to have built 8 individual billion dollar companies in 8 different industries.


Fact 3 – He Has Dyslexia


Due to having a learning disability, he focussed on building his people skills that has opened up doors and opportunities in the world of business. After all, it is difficult to build an empire that lasts without communicating with people successfully.


What kind of leader is Richard Branson?


He is a leader who puts his employees first.


For example, Richard Branson learn’t from the beginning that the leaders he employ’s to run his Virgin companies are the very same people responsible for inspiring and motivating the workforce, not just organising and monitoring employee productivity.


How do you get the best performance from employees you have recruited?

  • Invest in training and development

  • Value their opinions and ideas

  • Have faith in their ability


Interestingly, wealthy innovative leaders focus on how they can add value to other people lives rather than placing money at the top their list of key priorities.


Why isn’t money the most important assest in a business?


People are your number one drivers of success. The right team is difficult to recruit and even harder to assemble. Valuing and supporting your team is one of the core principles of great leadership and main qualities you need to run a successful organisation.


We have a great article on the basics of leadership that explains this in more detail.


Here is why Sir Richard Branson leadership skills and qualities have helped him to become wealthy entrepreneur.


1. Delegate the small stuff


All too often we become trapped by day to day projects. Instead, be bold and think of the bigger picture.


By carefully delegating tasks that are considered a lower level priority, Richard Branson says, it will free you up to deal with more important business decisions that will have a greater overall impact on your business.


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2. The ability to think and act innovatively


What do Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other billionaires have in common? From the very beginning as entrepreneurs, they all thought and acted differently to other people. Whether they adopted a autocratic leadership style or a more charismatic style of leadership, they applied what was ideal for them.


There is no sceret ingrediant when it comes to choosing a leadership style, it’s how when you apply that style as a leader within your business.


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3. Life is one long learning process


“I think that one of the main things that distinguish successful & unsuccessful people is the willingness to learn new things”


As an entrepreneur and founder of Virgin, it’s not the most intelligent people who succeed, it’s those people who continue to adapt to the current times.


By adapting to your environment, you are willing to accept the challenges you face whilst creating new and innovative ways to succeed in business.


Arguably, I feel this tip is one of the most important of Richard Branson leadership skills and qualities. Without adapting in the world of business, we are less likely to survive and progress.


Be willing to learn, it will help you grow faster!


4. Work-Life Balance for Longevity


“There is no greater thing you can do with your life than follow your true passion – in a way that serves the world and you” – Leadership quote


By constantly working hard without having timely breaks, the daily grind will catch up with is all, consequently the human mind and body become less productive.


In short, be more strategic with your breaks. Take time to sharpen the mind, rest, re-fuel and come back stronger.


5. Time Wasting Destroys Leaders


“Have fun, work hard and the money will come. Don’t waste time-grab your chances”


So, how do entrepreneurs become successful? They simply act on their ideas and take a chance.


Many of us come up with business ideas to make money and add value to people’s lives, few of us truly act on the idea and execute it. This maybe due to fear, lack of funds or regular procrastination.


Having the ability and courage to act upon those ideas are the key ingredients to become a success, after all you never know what door will open through sheer business persistence.


We hoped you enjoyed our top 5 Richard Branson Leadership Skills and gained an insight into being a more successful entrepreneur!


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