What is Leadership in Business

What is Leadership in Business


The definition of effective leadership in business is the ability to truly inspire or influence others towards the leader’s goal. Let’s explore a little deeper into the importance good leadership qualities in the workplace.


What is Leadership in Business


1. Great Leaders Empower Others


Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to truly empower others.


Unlike management who inflict their authority, leadership is concerned with empowering their team through encouragement and building real relationships. When people feel empowered, they automatically gain the confidence and ability to succeed. Our effective 1 day Team Leader Course will help you empower others!


2. Vision Provides Purpose


Effective leaders across all industry sectors consistently turn their vision into ideas and their ideas into actions.


Why is this? Without vision your teams path to success can be confusing and frustrating particular when workplace challenges are constant. Having a clear vision provides a sense of purpose and a clear team direction.


3. Influence Over Authority


When identifying what is leadership, we cannot under estimate the importance and value of influencing others.


For example, there is much truth in the saying, “true leadership cannot be awarded, appointed or assigned, it comes only from genuine influence”.


You will build influence through caring for those you are mentoring, serving them with humility and without ego.

Below is a 5 step leadership model to unlock possibilities and achieve results.

Leadership Relationship Tool


4. Clear Communication Is Key


How do great leaders inspire and motivate their team? With clear communication! Whether your a leader in the military, sports, business or politics the vehicle all successful team leaders are good communicators. So what are the fundamentals?

  • Prepare and plan your communication
  • Express your meaning with conviction but ensure you relate it to your larger goal.
  • Value constructive feedback and use it to grow, always try to keep an open mind.

5. People Development Drives Real Performance


Developing people to drive performance is the cornerstone of all great leaders!


Team members at times will lack the confidence to perform due to skills gaps. By providing the right training and coaching you will close the skills shortage and ensure staff morale remains high.

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