Jose Mourinho Leadership Qualities

Lets explore 4 key ways in how Jose Mourinho’s leadership style & qualities have contributed towards his success as a leader and one of the most highly decorated football managers of all time.


Jose Mourinho-Leadership Styles and Skills


Jose Mourinho Leadership Qualities


1. Your Motivation Must Be The Engine


Mourinho quote on motivation – “I always say, as a leader you must be the master motivator of your team. When performance levels drop, your energy, motivation and drive can be the turning point for change!”


If history has taught us one thing, it’s that all great leaders understand the true value of motivation and the impact it has on their team. Motivation is a powerful tool, to motivate successfully requires a leader to have a winning attitude, even when challenging times present itself.


What’s the underlining message he sends his players? – Winning is everything!


Nothing more, nothing less. It’s that cut and dry. The core foundation to the Jose Mourinho leadership model is being the master motivator. The one who sets the tone, the manager who stamps his expectations from the very beginning and the one who motivates his team to get every last drop of potential. (In most cases anyway).


There is no question Jose Mourinho is a proven serial trophy winner, both domestically and across European club competitions. This was demonstrated on a number of occasions, for example his first time round at Chelsea, the treble winning side of Inter Milan and where it all began in Portugal, Porto FC.


Jose Mourinho Motivation Skills


The roots of Jose Mourinho’s management style is certainly being pragmatic, structured and never over fluid. Whether this style of management is entertaining or not to some, we can agree that his man management techniques have been proved effective.


What’s the downside to the mind-set of winning is everything? When players can’t fulfil his ambition, it can cause a divide with his players. Mourinho’s passion, desire and will to win can sometimes be over-bearing for some players.


The key leadership lesson here is to try and balance expectations as a leader and be realistic. Your staff for example may need developing, your team may need coaching before such high demands are made.

Awesome Short video on how Mourinho formed his philosophy at Porto.


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2. Working 16 Hour Days

Jose Mourinho Porto champions league success 3


Jose Mourinho on leadership “In the beginning, with limited resources, I remember regularly working many 16-hour days that included scouting and coaching players to achieve the best standards possible. My vision was to be number 1.” 


In the world of management and coaching, few leaders top Jose Mourinho when it comes to discipline, drive and the will to win.


He used a Pace-Setting Leadership Style whereby he constantly challenged his team to succeed. Leaders who implement this style must be highly driven to apply it successfully and be willing to lead by example.


A perfect demonstration of this pace-setting leadership style was when Mourinho used his ferocious drive and ambition to land his first major management job with FC Porto of Portugal.


From the very beginning, Jose set clear team goals and end of season objectives he expected his team to follow. At Porto FC, most managers would have been happy with a domestic double, however he had an obsessive vision to conquer Europe’s most elite competition, the UEFA Champions League.


This was the catalyst to future management success!



3. Team Leaders Must Be Resilient

Jose Mourinho Resilience


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Mourinho on resilience“Challenges are an everyday occurrence, you must be mentally strong and be willing to fight. As a leader if I show strong resilience my players are likely to reciprocate that also. Without resilience there is no success.”


Without resilience, those in a position of power within any job role will fall short of their goals. So as team leaders & managers how can we channel our failures for the better?


As a manager you will always come under scrutiny and be judged for your decision making skills. Therefore, as a manager or team leader you must draw upon your mental skills to rise to the challenge rather than responding negatively. Remember, its how you respond to critics that counts!

Must Watch Video – Mourinho discusses team vs individual mentality.



4. Your Team Must Believe In You


Jose Mourinho chelsea success 2


Mourinho on leading a team – “The more you understand your team the more you can lead them. I never liked the kind of leadership where the boys say: He’s my leader, I have to respect him. I prefer them to say: I respect him and he’s my leader.”


How is Mourinho a master motivator? Very simply by uniting his team and individually praising them, he is building their self confidence and therefore increasing his teams chances of achieving more premier league titles.


Former Chelsea captain John Terry can attest to this saying, “he is a master motivator who unites us and makes us feel superior to the competition.”


So what makes Jose Mourinho a good leader? Is it his pioneering training methods or his highly effective physiology in the dressing room? The truth is, his ability to influence his team to react in a positive manner is key. His drive to succeed and mental toughness are ingredients all hall of fame football managers have attained.


People will always question his style of football, saying its not entertaining and fluid. However, there is one quality you can’t take away from his management career, he has proven to be a serial trophy winner.


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