Jose Mourinho Leadership Qualities

Lets explore how Jose Mourinho’s leadership style & qualities have contributed towards his success in becoming one of the most highly decorated football managers of all time.


Jose Mourinho-Leadership Styles and Skills


Jose Mourinho Leadership Qualities



1. Leadership Is About Influence

Mourinho on influence – “I remember saying clearly to Frank Lampard, you are one of the best midfield players in the world… but nobody knows.”  

Influencing is an art form, Jose Mourinho has successfully demonstrated this time and again with each football club he has managed. A perfect example was when he used the ‘power of psychology’ to boost performance.


Jose Mourinho Leadership - Frank Lampard 2


How did Mourinho use the power of psychology to boost player performances? Instead of saying to Lampard, “as your manager I demand you to be the best in the world!” Which would have caused an increase in pressure & stress, he instead lifted Lampard’s morale by paying him a powerful compliment and thus making him feel like a dominant world beater.


So what is the meaning of Leadership? Well, great leadership is truly about influencing your people the better. Many managers, coaches and team leaders confuse influence for authority. Why? Instilling your authority over someone is a short term solution which can lead to further conflict.


As a team leader at work, you have the ability to influence your staff both in a positive and negative manner which has a direct impact on your employees daily performance. Discover powerful leadership styles here.



2. Your Motivation Must Be The Engine

Mourinho quote on motivation – “I always say that as the coach and leader you must be the master motivator of your team. When performance levels drop, your energy, motivation and drive can be the turning point for change!”

At the heart of his motivation is unity, a togetherness and tunnel vision approach. This forms a solid approach when Mourinho’s team encounter challenges both an and off the pitch whilst aspiring to achieve trophies.


Jose Mourinho Motivation Skills


The core foundation to the Jose Mourinho leadership model is ensuring his players and coaching staff feel happy and content within their job roles. Having a unified approach ensures great teamwork at the most challenging of times.


His philosophy is truly about unity and the mindset of us against them, drawing huge similarities to Sir Alex Ferguson’s leadership style.



3. Jose Mourinho’s Leadership Style

Jose Mourinho on leadership – “In the beginning I remember regularly working 16 hour days scouting and coaching players to achieve the best standards possible with the resources we had. My vision was to be number 1.”  

In the world of management and coaching few leaders top Jose Mourinho when it comes to discipline, drive and the will to win.


Jose Mourinho Porto champions league success 3


He used a Pace-Setting Leadership Style whereby he constantly challenged his team to succeed. Leaders who implement this style must be highly driven to achieve and be willing to lead by example.


A perfect demonstration of this pace-setting leadership style was when Mourinho used his ferocious drive and ambition to land his first major management job with FC Porto of Portugal.


From the very beginning he set clear goals and objectives he expects his team to follow. At Porto, most managers would have been happy with a domestic double, however he had an obsessive vision to conquer Europe’s most elite competition, the Uefa Champions League. This opened the doors to future management success!



4. Team Leaders Must Be Resilient

Mourinho on resilience – “Challenges are an everyday occurrence so you must be mentally strong and be willing to fight. As a leader if I show strong resilience my players are likely to reciprocate that also. Without resilience there is no success.”

Without resilience, those in a position of power within any job role will fall short of their goals. So as team leaders & managers how can we channel our failures for the better?


Jose Mourinho Resilience


Having the mental toughness to find a solution to the problem rather than stress as your first reaction will solve this! Looking to boost your resilience? Our powerful 1 day Mental Resilience Training Course can help.


As a manager you will always come under scrutiny and be judged for your decision making skills. Therefore as a manager or team leader you must draw upon your mental skills to rise to the challenge rather than responding negatively. Remember, its how you respond to critics that counts!



5. Your Team Must Believe In You

Mourinho on leading a team – “The more you understand your team the more you can lead them. I never liked the kind of leadership where the boys say: He’s my leader, I have to respect him. I prefer them to say: I respect him and he’s my leader.”


Jose Mourinho chelsea success 2


Former Chelsea captain John Terry can attest to this more than most other players saying, he is a master motivator who unites us and makes us feel superior to the competition.


How is Mourinho a master motivator? Very simply by uniting his team and individually praising them, he is building their self confidence and therefore increasing his teams chances of achieving more premier league titles.


So what makes Jose Mourinho a good leader? Is it his pioneering training methods or his highly effective physiology in the dressing room? Its very subjective to say the least but his winning mentality comes from the belief he has within himself which he projects onto his staff and players.


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