Supervisor Training Course

Supervisor Training Course


Become a confident, respected & proactive supervisor who achieves consistent results.


Whether you’re an experienced or new supervisor, this course will empower you with best practice supervisory skills to boost your team’s performance levels.


Research suggests around 50% of new supervisors receive little or no training before assuming their new roles. Sound familiar? Our Supervisor Training focuses on leading your team through effective communication, motivation and key supervisory techniques.


Successfully make a seamless transition from team member to supervisor. This Supervisory Skills Training Course will help you;

  • Understand the role of a successful supervisor.
  • Learn how to goal set.
  • Communicate in a verbal & nonverbal manner.
  • How to coach or mentor your team in the moment.
  • Resolve conflict situations with employees.
  • Deliver positive & constructive feedback to your team.

Supervisor Training Course


Quick Overview | Supervisor Training Course


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Delivered at your workplace or virtually via live video conferencing.


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Flexible Training Dates


Choose a time & date that fits your team best. Let us know & we will deliver.


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  • Those new to supervising

  • Experienced supervisors

  • For newly promoted staff


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You Will Receive

  • Key course notes

  • Training materials

  • Certificate of achievement


Course Outline | Supervisory Training


Our specialist leadership trainers can design you a bespoke Supervisory Skills Training Course from scratch. Live And Learn Consultancy’s essential program includes;


The Role of a Supervisor

  • Discover the role of a supervisor.
  • Identify what key supervisory skills look like.
  • How attitudes drive behaviours.
  • Understand what your team require from you.

The Art of Communicating with Clarity

  • Identify how to communicate with confidence and clarity.
  • Manage emotions in conflict situations.

Create A Success Driven Team

  • Learn key mentoring skills to drive success.
  • Discover how to use the SBI feedback tool to grow strong teams.
  • Set SMART & clear goals for team success.

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