Strategic Planning Training & Change

Strategic Planning Training & Change


Turn your vision into reality! Empower your leaders to strategically think, plan & implement their vision for a brighter future.


It’s easy to get `lost` in the day to day. If we keep doing what we have always done, don’t we get the same results?


As leaders, it’s important to stop; sharpen the saw & plan for success. Often that can mean change. Our Strategic Planning Training Course will help you plan the direction of the business and successfully implement and manage change necessary for that success.


Ready to turn your vision into reality? Our 1-day Strategic Planning Training Course aims to help your managers & leaders plan their vision, gain their team’s buy-in and execute it with precision.

  • Discover how to strategically plan your vision.
  • Identify a simple strategic planning model.
  • Successfully manage change to maintain team motivation.
  • Use SWOT to successfully set & achieve your goals.
  • Apply creative problem-solving techniques.

Strategic Planning Training


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Course Outline | Strategic Planning & Change


Successful leaders who seek to positively influence their team with new ideas find the process more easier when they clearly set the vision, create a sense of urgency & identify people within their team who will align with their plan & champion the new changes.


You will learn a simple strategic planning model to create a plan, successfully influence others to implement it & ultimately bring your vision as a leader to life.


Our specialist leadership facilitators can design you a bespoke Strategic Planning Course from scratch. Live And Learn Consultancy’s essential program includes;


How to Plan for Success

  • Objectively establish your current position.
  • Aligning the strategy to the organisational vision.
  • Discover simple methods for problem solving.

Setting Clear Goals

  • Identify goal planning techniques.
  • Set benchmarks to measure success.

How to Implement Your Strategic Plan

  • Understand what change management really is.
  • Identify the steps needed to implement change successfully.
  • Discover the change curve and its impact on your team.
  • Learn how to manage change strategically.

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