Top Tips for Handling Difficult Conversations with Employees in the Workplace

Top Tips for Handling Difficult Conversations

Live and Learn Consultancy have listed their top tips for handling difficult conversations with employees in the workplace.


Handling Difficult conversations can be very challenging if you can’t revert back to a few simple techniques which will keep you out of conflict and instead look for a solution.


A common theme when handling difficult conversations is many people especially in the workplace become very defensive and angry, this can lead to a negative aura which then leads to further arguments and a lack of solutions.


Here are our Top Tips for Handling Difficult Conversations


1. Choose Your Location Carefully


When Handling Difficult Conversations in the workplace, location can sometimes play a role in how the conversation will pan out.


To be more specific, if you take the workplace for example, if you speak to a supervisor, team leader or senior manager in their office, this can lead to a very defensive conversation from their point of view, this can mean you don’t get the desired outcome you are looking for.


A solution to combat this is to have a conversation if possible on neutral grounds, the local coffee shop or perhaps anywhere away from their office.


2. Self Understanding


When handling difficult conversations with employees, you need to acknowledge that you’re not always in the right, by taking this tip on board, you will reduce the risk of conflict drastically.


Become more open and less defensive in your communication approach, people will be more receptive and therefore be more likely to listen to your viewpoint especially in the workplace.


3. Managing Your Emotions


This is one of the most important tips when it comes to Handling Difficult Conversations.


We have all been guilty of reacting first then thinking later, clearly to progress and learn from this situation, you must be calm and relaxed in order to think clearly and respond accordingly. The conversation has a much better chance of gaining a solution rather than a dispute.


4. Conflict Resolution Skills


Attempting to Handling Difficult Conversations can be a process and therefore it’s vital to update your conflict resolutions skills.


Conflict is a natural part of human interaction, managing conflict effectively is one of the most vital skills for sustaining a positive relationship in the workplace.


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5. Try To Preserve Your Relationships


For long term success you must not burn your bridges, from a business standpoint you never know when you may need to partner with someone you have previously had poor relations with.


Above all its important to be humble and relaxed, the overall key is not to be judgmental and think before you speak.


Yes we all make communication mistakes but the key is to learn from them in order to progress.


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