7 Effective Tips for Good Communication in the Workplace

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7 Highly Effective Tips for Good Communication in the Workplace


The power in communication begins with the tone, pitch and pace along with the words and body language you use. How and when we use them can change the entire direction of the conversation.


It’s no secret, the importance of effective communication at work is paramount. But why?


Communicating in the workplace concisely, it helps us understand our fellow employees’ viewpoint, resolves differences and will lead to building respect and trust.


So many issues can be avoided in business when employees and management staff have a clear communication dialogue.


Conflict can arise from simply being misunderstood and therefore professional relationships can suffer as a result.


The moment you open the lines of communication by listening and respecting other people opinion and engage back in a respectful manner, you will see projects and tasks being completed for consistently.


In short, it’s not what you say to other people, but the manner in how you say it!


Here are 7 Tips for Good Communication in the Workplace


1. Avoid dominating the conversation


This tip is particularly for extroverted behaviour types. However, we all are known to be guilty of communicating before we have even digested the other person’s viewpoint.


By listening to other people speak you will involve them, this will mean you are not speaking at them and dominating the conversation, but instead there is a 2-way natural flow.


Take a simple pause, take in what your fellow employee maybe saying and then communicate accordingly.


2. Be trustworthy and honest


When you’re trustworthy and honest, communication becomes a lot less complicated.


You don’t have to think about what you’re going to say wrong and you don’t have to worry about uncovering a secret or a dishonest statement.


If you remain open, honest, and worthy of trust, you’ll have a much easier time communicating with others.


3. Change the environment


Avoid a tense environment at all cost!


When communicate information to people in a large group their mind-set and behviour can change for the worse. This can be down to being ‘one of the group’.


Instead, speak with people on a one to one basis, this will allow you and them to give your undivided attention and iron out any issues or conflict.


4. Intend to understand


This simple but powerful idea comes from Stephen Covey. The concept is listening to actually understand what is being said, rather than listening just to respond with what you want to say.


Try it! I dare you. This communication tip has so much impact when engaging with other employees.


5. Email communication


Have you ever said, “oh, I didn’t mean to say that”.


When communicating face to face, the meaning and words you use to convey your message can become lost in translation. Why? Your passion and emotion can sometimes get in the way.


Face to face is essential of course, however sometimes communicating via an email allows you to sit and think of a well thought out message. This removes the emotion and allows you to focus on the facts.


6. Invest in training


Want your team to become better listeners and communicators at work?


Live And Learn Consultancy’s 1 day Communication Skills Training Course aims to develop your team with highly effective techniques for communicating for effectively with fellow employees or customers. Ideal for staff at all levels.


7. Ask for feedback from others


Feedback is a truthful realisation! When it’s all said and done, one of the best ways you can learn to communicate more effectively in business is to ask for feedback.


Take some time to speak to employees you communicate with frequently to find out how you can improve your communication in the workplace.


Sometimes all it takes is a few suggestions and you’ll be on the road to creating a better understanding with someone else.

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