How To Deliver Great Presentations like Steve Jobs

Discover How To Deliver Great Presentations Like Steve Jobs


Learn how to deliver a dynamic presentation like Steve Jobs of Apple. Gain the techniques and skills he used to communicate apple products and services through meaningful storytelling, the power of 3 and minimalistic visual slides.


Public speaking holds so much fear for many of us! Steve Jobs presentation skills have not only raised the bar for audiences when speaking in public, but he has raised the bar for his simplistic but passionate presentation style approach which has been watched by thousands of eager listeners in person and millions of people on YouTube.


Dubbed the worlds greatest corporate story teller, Steve Jobs communications skills were not overly aggressive or too direct. Instead he had a range of simple but good presentations skills which was based on communicating information that informed, educated and inspired and even entertained all within one effective presentation.


Steve Jobs Presentation Skills


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1. The Power of Words


Firstly, we need engage our listeners, Steve jobs did this by simply transcending his passion about the Apple products. By speaking to the public with enthusiasm and using key buzz words such as

  • amazing

  • extraordinary

  • cool


he was able to convey his message with meaning. But throughout his passion and enthusiastic presentation style, he remained calm and controlled, this is very important when giving a presentation!


2. Create Simple But High Impact Visual Aids


One of the presentation secrets of Steve Jobs was the simplistic style as he communicated product information to his viewers. Many PowerPoint Slides use around thirty to forty words, the style of Steve Jobs iPhone presentation used no more than 10 words within his description.


When people ask, “Why Are Presentation Skills Important?” Or “How Can I get Good Presentation Skills?” They fail to realise that sometimes the best delivery is within the simplicity.

  • In terms of visual aids, when you begin to read from a presentation slide continuously, firstly you are showing that you don’t really know what your are talking about and secondly, the viewer can read the information for themselves.

  • Keep the information you list brief, ensure they points you can elaborate when giving a presentation and speaking to the public.


3. The Rule Of 3 is Perfect When Giving A Presentation


There is no question, too many points may leave people confused and disillusioned, not enough meaningful points when giving a presentation may result in customers or clients not purchasing your product or service within your sales presentations.


If you are conducting a PowerPoint presentation to simply pass on information to your team, they will not receive the full value and the importance of your overall message. So do not underestimate key benefits!


Good Presentation Skills Steve Jobs


So how do we get the balance right? Again, going with the theme that good presentation skills are simple, the rule of 3 is perfect. Steve jobs presentation style did not confuse his audience, in fact it left them in a position where they wanted to find out more.


How you may ask? Well, 3 items are far more interesting than 2 and its easier to remember 3 then 40 for example. Keep the rule of 3 consistent wherever possible.


4. Always Sell The Sizzle First!


Sell the benefits…its that simple! They are the structure and foundation to your presentation, good presentation skills are far less about the flamboyant colourful slides and all singing and dancing videos, but more about substance.


Steve Jobs sold the benefits of the iPhone and people were intrigued as to how they could incorporate this product into their lives. If what you are selling, or what you are conveying to your listeners has no real benefit then you are simply wasting your time.


Selling the benefits whilst presenting is the perfect link between you are your audience. It’s what makes you stand out from everyone else.


5. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!


Thats a bit of a mouthful! The 4p’s that will help you to succeed when giving a presentation. Yes, you may become flustered, however by preparing you are on the right path to improving your presentation skills. Jobs would consistently practice his presentations hours on end, this made them smooth and insightful. Even the PowerPoint clicker failed but he got on with it and moved forward.


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