What is Customer Service?

What is Customer Service?


The best definition of excellent customer service is the personal assistance and support you offer your customers when they purchase or experience your service.


What Is Customer Service Excellence




Companies who provide excellent face to face or telephone customer support often experience more satisfied customers and consistent repeat business.


Let’s explore in more detail what is meant by customer service and understanding how customer service works in the world of business. We will also look at how it impacts the brand and identity.

Infographics explaining basic customer service facts

Infographic on Customer Service Facts by Live And Learn Consultancy


What is Customer Service Before The Purchase?


Serving people is more than a process. It’s human decency that builds trust and loyalty. Some people beleive its simply another department, when in reality good customer service is an artform.


Therefore, it is difficult to lump customer service as one large basic entity.


Pre customer service is serving our customers before they purchase a product or service from your business. The impact of great first impressions can determine whether your customers satisfaction levels remain high or not.


So how can we create a good first impression?

  • The ability to read our customers.

  • Being in-tune with their emotional state.

  • Using positive language to communicate with customers.


Have you ever walked into a retail shop and found the customer support staff to be extremely friendly and attentive to your needs? By acknowledging you and listening to your requirements prior to your purchase, you feel more valued and therefore are more likely ask open questions.


Example of How to Use Positive Language in Customer Service


Example of How to Use Positive Language in Customer Service



Example of How Not To Use Positive Language in Customer Service


Example of How Not To Use Positive Language in Customer Service


Clearly, responding to our customers’ requests by displaying positive language will keep the lines of communication open and the potential of the customer purchasing your product remains very likely.


Conversely, the opposite leads to a dead-end situation, an angry customer who is likely to mentioned their poor customer experience to friends and family.


Many times, difference between a good customer experience and a poor one can be defined by the communication you receive from the support staff. Often, their attitude towards you can sometimes dictate whether you buy or not.


Live And Learn Consultancy conducted an interesting survey with a sample of businesses we provide in-house Customer Service Courses for. We found


70% of customers would prefer to pay more if the level of service was high quality.



What is Customer Service After The Purchase?


Supporting our customer base after they have used your product or service is more than just providing answers; it’s an integral part of the promise your brand makes to its customers.


Your companies’ identity and reputation remains in the balance if the people you serve on a daily basis feel let down. Why is this?


Wow, the average person is likely to tell 10 different people including friends and work colleagues about their good or bad customer experience!



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Let’s Briefly Summarise What Is Meant By Customer Service


Today’s service truly goes far beyond a friendly greeting and a prompt good-bye. The expectations of our customers are constantly changing depending on the industry and business you work in.


As a staff member, communicating effectively with your customers and possessing good product knowledge will lead to strong customer rapport, better relationships and better connection.


Great customer communication will also open opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell your services without being sales driven. Customer Service is

  • Treating people with respect.
  • Displaying empathy by placing yourself in the customers shoes.
  • Communicating with a positive attitude and listening to their needs.
  • Human decency.
  • Providing a professional customer experience.

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