5 Retail Customer Service Tips to Improve Your Experience


5 Practical Retail Customer Service Tips


Retail Companies in the UK who fail to improve their service and deliver a bad customer experience often lose out on extra income and even worse, long-term customer loyalty essential for the growth.


Retail Customer Service Tips to Improve Your Experience

Are your retail customer service standards slipping? Perhaps they are driving your most loyal customers away from your business.


Too often as a business we immediately compete with other stores through cheaper pricing points and forget that daily interaction with our customers can often be a much more important element especially when there isn’t much difference in price.


Here are 5 Retail Customer Service Tips for improving your businesses customer experience below.


1. Great First Impressions


Many retail companies in shopping centres or the high street spend a lot of money creating the right ambience and vibe which is intended to create a nicer experience for their customers.


It takes 3-5 seconds for a customer to judge your retail store. Make every effort to consistently create a great first impression.


However, they often make the same mistake, the primary difference that makes the difference between you and your competing retail businesses are the people you employee and the service you provide.


For example, have you ever walked into a retail store and the vibe just wasnt right, it was dis-organised, the staff were arguing and you just wanted to get out of that shop?


The first of our retail customer service tips is to greet your customers in a friendly and non-confrontational manner.


Here are 3 quick steps for making a great first impression.


Friendly Welcome


Take 20 seconds to speak with your customers and make them feel welcome. Connecting with our customers allows for conversation.


No hard sell is required at this point.


Listen To Their Needs


Should the customer want to engage further, be proactive in your approach and listen to what they want through asking open ended questioning techniques. This will start the process of building rapport and their trust.


Product Knowledge


Ensure your staff are highly knowledgeable on all the product and services you are selling within your retail store.


Your customer can always sense if you know what you are talking about. After all, people will always buy from people they trust. Failing to know your products may mean the customer will shop elsewhere.


2. Be Attentive Always


If you’re a business owner contemplating how to deliver good customer service in retail, you will be surprised how many employees don’t follow this basic technique.


We have all experienced walking over to the tills and the customer assistant walking away oblivious to our needs.


Our second retail customer service tip is to be attentive. Always pay attention, stay visible without being overbearing to your customers. Stay close but not too close to the point the customers feels watched and pressured.


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3. Never Answer To Customers, “I Don’t Know”


A lazy customer service staff member will often reply to a customer’s question with,


“I don’t know”.


This is lazy and very unhelpful, instead aim to help you customer by saying,


“I will find out for you”.


At least this way your customer feels some level of support.


Alternatively point them in the right direction and how long they will need to wait before they receive the clothes after ordering.


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4. Learn How To Read Customer Body Language


Learning how to read your customers brings a range of key benefits. All great customer service staff can pick on a customer behaviour whether they are happy, sad or even frustrated.


Why is this important? Changing your customers mood can sometimes be the catalyst to building better rapport and more likely to buy from your store in the future.


5. The Art of Conversation


Many UK retailers have lost the art of conversation with their customers. But why? Perhaps its due to being short staffed or maybe we just don’t have the time.


Developing your ability to communicate with your customers is the entire theme of our retail customer service tips article.


Ultimately, there is no magic trick or tip, instead great customer service experiences in retail come from investing in your employee’s skills. 

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