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Telephone Skills Training Course


Ready to handle calls with confidence and professionalism?


Empower your staff with best practice telephone handling techniques to communicate with your customers, suppliers or fellow employees in a professional manner.


Whether your team answer incoming calls or make outbound phone calls as part of their job role, this training course will help your staff gain professional phone etiquette skills and highly effective communication techniques to make a great first impression and communicate their message confidently and accurately.


Perfect for all UK employees who communicate with customers or suppliers over the phone seeking to develop new customer care techniques. Live And Learn Consultancy’s Telephone Training Course will help you;

  • Deliver an outstanding service to your customers.
  • Answer inbound and outbound calls in a professional manner.
  • Learn best practice communication skills.
  • Gain highly effective listening techniques.
  • Build rapport and satisfy customers’ needs quickly.
  • Deal with angry or unhappy customers.
  • Learn how to close the call effectively.

Customer Telephone Skills Training Courses


How Does This Telephone Skills Training Work?


Course Location




Delivered in-house at your workplace.

course duration




1-day program. You can choose a time and date that suits you best.

course certification




Each delegate will receive an a4 certificate of achievement.

groups sizes



Target Audience

Suitable for small or large teams.


Course Objectives


Please note, the below Telephone Skills Training objectives can be tailored to your exact needs to ensure the program becomes highly relevant.


Highly Effective Telephone Techniques

  • How to open inbound and outbound calls professionally.
  • Learn a new and proven telephone call structure that works.
  • Importance of ownership when receiving calls and calling customers.
  • Understand different types of customers you will speak to.
  • Gather the required information to accurately respond to your customers.
  • Gain best practice techniques for voice mail, transferring and taking messages.
  • Learn how to answer and make telephone calls in a professional manner.

Best Practice Telephone Communication Skills

  • How to build rapport with your customers.
  • Telephone questioning skills needed to find out the customers’ expectations.
  • Importance of body language in telephone communication.
  • The impact communication has on the telephone conversations with your customers.
  • Effectively use your communication to create better outcomes.

Professional Telephone Skills

  • Importance of choosing a great attitude.
  • Acquire techniques to overcome communication barriers.
  • Implement proven tips to deal with unhappy customers.
  • Positively respond to negative callers.
  • How to stay calm under pressure and control the call for a positive outcome.

Target Audience


Live And Learn Consultancy’s one day Customer Telephone Training Courses are ideal for those who are responsible for answering the telephone for incoming calls or dialling out and making calls on behalf of their organisation to suppliers or customers.


Our trainers can accommodate small or large teams across any industry sector.

  • All Staff
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Customer Service Agents
  • Reception Staff
  • Administrators
  • Call Handlers
  • Telemarketers
  • Consultants
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • First Line Managers
  • Senior Managers

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Professional Telephone Training Course for Customer Service Staff

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