Customer Complaints Training - 1 Day Course

Customer Complaints Training – 1 Day


Empower your team with a proven complaint handling process for successfully dealing with customer complaints, either by telephone or face to face.


Want to handle complaints more professionally? Your staff will gain best practice skills for managing difficult customers and resolving issues before they escalate.


Aggressive and complaining customers are inevitable for all businesses, the key is how we resolve the complaint that truly separates us from our competition.


Live And Learn Consultancy’s Customer Complaints Training Course looks at how to handle complaints effectively by equipping your team with a proven complaint handling policy and procedure.


Ultimately, professional management of complaints will result in higher customer retention rates and ensure your relationships with your customers remain positive.


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Key Benefits of our Customer Complaints Training

  • Handle customer complaints in a professional manner.

  • Build better rapport with abusive customers.

  • Identify your customers’ needs via questioning & listening techniques.

  • Resolve customer conflict before it escalates.

  • Use effective communication skills to diffuse emotionally charged situations.


Key Course Objectives


The below training objectives can be tailored to meet your exact areas of development.

Want a fully bespoke complaints course? View our full List of Customer Service Programs.


Introduction to Customer Complaint Handling

  • Discover why customers complain.
  • Identify the benefits of handling complaints effectively.


Managing Complaints Professionally

  • Manage the issue and the customer.
  • Learn the impact of ‘red rag’ words and phrases.
  • Identify how to handle aggressive or abusive customer behaviour.
  • Master your own emotions when dealing with customer complaints.
  • Discover the customer conflict techniques to suit a range of situations.

How to Engage with Customers

  • Master the art of building customer rapport.
  • Master the use positive body language.
  • Understand your voice is your tool & how to effectively use it.
  • Learn communication styles to respond accurately to customers.

Generating Customer Loyalty

  • Develop key listening techniques.
  • Identify your customer needs and effectively respond to them.
  • Discover effective question techniques including open and closed questions.

Overview of our Complaints Training Course


groups sizes


Who are our Complaint Handling Courses for?

Anyone responsible for dealing with customer complaints. Participants may handle complaints over the telephone, face to face or via email.

We can accommodate a small or large group depending on the size of your team.


Course Location


Where is this Complaints Course delivered?

Delivered on-site at your companies premises anywhere in the UK.

Please note, if you do not have training facilities, our training can also be delivered off-site, away from your workplace.


course duration


How Long Is This Course?

Choose from a 1 day, half day or even a quick 2-hour power session.

(We can change times to suit your needs)


course certification


Each Complaints Training Course Includes

  • Key Course Notes
  • Training Materials
  • A4 Certificate of Achievement

Complaint Handling Training Course Review and Ratings


Recent Course Review

Great course materials, informative handouts and an awesome trainer who kept our team engaged! We recommend this training course to all companies and teams UK who want to successfully deal with customer complaints.


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