Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training


Learn how to become more self-aware and effectively manage your emotions in the workplace.


Our 1-day Emotional Intelligence Training for employees will help you experience a more positive workplace environment where decisions are made effeciently, problems are solved faster and the team are more cohesive and motivated to work.


Our practical one day program gives delegates an understanding of what emotional intelligence really is and the benefits it brings to companies like yours.

  • Improve your employees self-awarness.
  • Gain skills to help people manage thier emotions.
  • Create a more positive working environment.
  • Boost workplace positivity & increase motivation.
  • Speed up decision-making with less conflict.
  • Build a high performing & cohesive team.


How Does our Emotional Intelligence Training Work?


Course Location

Delivery Style

Delivered face to face at your workplace or via a virtual classroom.


Course Times

1-Day Program

Highly flexible dates. Choose a date that best suits your team.


Course Suitability


The Emotional Intelligence Program is ideal for all employees.




Each delegate will receive a certificate of achievement.


Program Objectives


Please note, the below objectives regarding the Emotional Intelligence Training for employees can be tailored to your exact needs.


Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • Understand what emotional intelligence is and its impact on the workplace.
  • Identify the pillars of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Discover the 5 key components of Emotional Intelligence.

Analyse & Develop Your Own Emotional Intelligence

  • Identify what both high and low Emotional Intelligence looks like.
  • Discover the impact EI has on our ability to communicate effectively.
  • Recognise the difference between Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Quotient.
  • Recognise the power of perception and its impact on our EI.
  • Understand the power of EI when developing social skills and influence.

Discover the Power & Impact of Emotional Intelligence

  • Identify the positives of high EI in the workplace.
  • Utilise high EI for effective decision making.
  • Learn 7 characteristics that impact on job performance with EI.
  • Discover of high EI can use used to manage problems.

Who is this Program for?

  • All employees
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Small or Large Teams
Our trainers can also accommodate small or large teams across any industry sector.


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