Time Management Training for Employees - 1 Day Courses

Time Management Training for Employees


Ready to manage your time more effectively? If so, this course is perfect! You will learn how to regain control, work more smarter and achieve better results in less time.


The most valuable asset we have is time, the more we understand how to use time wisely, the more likely we are to get more done and achieve our goals.


Do you find your running out of time to meet personal or professional deadlines? In today’s fast paced environment, employees have far more distractions and demands which can affect work-life balance. By eliminating time wasting habits and constant time thieves, our expert trainers will instil highly effective time management skills to add more value to your working day.


This powerful on-site Time Management Training Course teaches you to organise daily tasks, reduce stress levels & gain practical tools to master the art of managing time.

  • Discover the power of time & how to use it more effectively.
  • Take control by understanding how to delegate tasks.
  • Learn how to prioritise your tasks
  • Reduce stress levels at work
  • Learn effective time management strategies that work.
  • Gain proven time management techniques for work life balance.
  • Achieve better results in less time.

Time Management Training for Employees at work


Time Management Course Objectives


Designed around your exact needs. If you would like to manage your time more effectively, you are also welcome to read our free time management tips.


Introduction To Time Management

  • Discover what time really is.
  • Find time you never knew you had!
  • The true benefits time management in the workplace.
  • Learn how good time management can increase work efficiency.

Gain Highly Effective Time Management Skills

  • Gain proven effective time management techniques.
  • Learn the importance of planning.
  • Discover the difference between your important and urgent tasks.
  • Define the difference between to-do, action and perhaps lists.
  • Understand your current time management position and plan to be more effective.
  • Identify why small changes make big differences and plan for success.

Communication Skills for Successful Time Management

  • Recognise your time wasters and time thieves.
  • Learn how to say no assertively to ‘time thieves’.
  • Identify ways to manage distractions.

Achieving Time Management Success

  • Learn key planning & prioritisation for time management success.
  • How to manage your `spending` wisely.
  • How to plan effectively using SMART.
  • The importance of understanding your circle of control.

Quick Time Management Course Overview


Who is this training course for?


Who is this course suitable for?

Live And Learn Consultancy’s one-day Time Management Course provides practical training for company employees seeking to take more control of their job duties and manage time more successfully in the workplace.
  • All Employees at work
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Line Managers
  • Senior Management
  • Teachers
  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • University Students
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Suitable for anyone

Our trainers can accommodate small or large groups depending on the size of your team.


Location of Training Courses


Where is this course delivered?

Delivered on-site at your work offices.

Please note, if you do not have facilities at your business premises, our Time Management Skills Training for employees can also be delivered off-site, away from your workplace.


What is the training course duration?


Training duration?

10:00 – 16:00 with 2 x 15-minute breaks and 30mins for lunch.

What Does The Training Course Include?


Delegates will receive

  • Key Course Notes
  • Training Materials
  • A4 Certificate of Achievement


Time Management Skills Training Courses for Employees

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