Stress Management in the Workplace - 1 Day Training Course

Stress Management in the Workplace Training


Reduce Stress & Excel Under Pressure

Everyone feels pressure at work, failure to manage stress in the workplace can result in higher depression levels, increased absence rates and a drop in performance.


This popular stress training course has empowered many employees & teams in the UK tackle stress-related challenges and ‘boost work performance’.


Course Overview


Successfully identifying the causes of job stress and managing pressure effectively can transform the entire workplace into a higher performing team of employees.

Our 1 day Stress Management Courses have been successfully used by many companies across the UK to help their employees and teams identify their sources of stress, gain stress prevention skills and handle stress effectively before it escalates. Start excelling under pressure today! Delivered on-site at your work premises.



How Does Our Workplace Stress Training Work?


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1 Day Stress Management Course

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? Key Benefits Of Our Stress Management Courses?


Live And Learn Consultancy are one the the leading Stress Management companies in the UK that specialise in helping professionals cope with managing job stress across all industry sectors, here are some key benefits;

  • Reduce Stress Levels At Work.
  • Avoid Mental Exhaustion And Tiredness.
  • Reduce Conflict With Your Self And Work Colleagues.
  • Become More Productive & Start Excelling Under Pressure.
  • Gain Proven Stress Management Skills To Cope With Stress At Work.




? What Does The Workplace Stress Training Cover?


Businesses can become high pressure environments, our jobs at times require us to balance extreme workloads, delegate endless work out to others and meet very tight work deadlines all of which can seriously increase our blood pressure!

Being able to effectively manage pressure and handle workplace stress can successfully transform your performance.


Introduction To Managing Stress In The Workplace

  • An introduction to stress awareness.
  • Understand signs of stress.
  • Benefits of tackling workplace stress.
  • Learn causes, signs and symptoms of stress.
  • Understand the difference between good stress and bad stress.


Key Stress Management Techniques

  • Learn how to recognise your own `tipping point`.
  • Learn how to say `NO` and set boundaries.
  • Learn techniques for managing stress and find what works for you.


Stress Management Success

  • Learn how to make small changes for big results.
  • Learn to effectively manage stress in the workplace.




? Who Is This Training Course Suitable for?


Our stress management courses are suitable for all staff and teams in the UK who aim to reduce work related stress and manage stressful situations more successfully. For example;


  • For all individuals or teams at work where stress is affecting their performance.
  • For people who are looking to develop techniques to manage stress effectively.
  • For people working in high-pressure environments seeking to prevent stress becoming an issue.
  • Teams who want to develop a balanced and stress-free culture and environment.




Our Clients Feedback
This one day workplace stress training was really effective for our team!
My staff have gained insightful stress management skills and stress management techniques in the workplace and now feel confident to dealing with pressure at work.

4 out 5 Star Course Rating

More Info

In-House Stress Management Courses UK Locations

Successful stress management skills in the workplace starts with identifying the root sources of work stress by understanding the initial causes stressful situations and then identifying ways to manage and overcome the challenges your staff face.

Live And Learn Consultancy deliver in-house Workplace Stress Training Courses at companies offices or premises wherever you are based in the UK.


More About Stress Training for Staff At Work

Over the years Live And Learn Consultancy have provided many courses for managing stress for a variety of businesses and companies in the UK. We have provided a a range solutions by helping staff in handling stressful situations and reducing stress successfully. We have supported many delegates to recognise stress symptoms by introducing established relaxation techniques to implement when work life becomes highly pressurised. After all the effects of stress can harm the individual and the business long term.

Our stress management courses highlight that occupational health is vital when planning to consider levels of stress, one of the root causes can be due to the lack of poor communication and interpersonal relationships which can lead to stress reduction for staff.



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