NVQ Qualifications

Funded NVQ Qualifications

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Empower your career by improving your skills and achieving an accredited NVQ qualification.


What is an NVQ? They are a government funded qualifications designed to help employees in the workplace improve their current skill-set and gain an accredited certificate relevant to their job role and industry sector.


Great news, up to 90% government funding is available subject to being eligible. Learn what the funding criteria is and if you meet eligibility.


In-House Training Courses for Employees and Staff at Work


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Why Are NVQ Qualifications Great?


Management Courses

Highly Relevant

Great opportunity to undertake a relevant NVQ qualification which relates directly to your specific job role.


Relevant Training

Accredited Certification

Once you complete your Level 2 or Level 3 NVQ, you will gain a nationally recognised certificate.


Interactive Courses

Government Funding Available

Providing you meet the government eligibility criteria, upto 90% funding is available.



How Do The NVQ Qualifications Work?


Training dates


A really simple process, work at your own speed, on average learners take around around 12 -18 Months.


Who Is This Training for


The NVQ qualifications are perfect for people who are currently employed looking to achieve a qualification.


Course location


Great news, no need to travel, all NVQ Courses are delivered on-site at your workplace.




Our Clients Say It Best


4 Star Course Rating

Gained Promotion!

I feel fantastic, after completing my level 2 qualification I have since gained promotion for the company I work for.


5 Star Course Rating

I Feel Empowered

After completing my level 3 NVQ course, I now feel empowered and more motivated One of the best training providers! 10/10




Please note, this service has been discontinued