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Live And Learn Consultancy have successfully delivered the below training services to help individuals or teams boost workplace performance.


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Communication Skills Courses - 1 Day Training for Employees


Open Training Courses


Don’t have training facilities? No problem, why not send your staff to us, our specialist trainers can train your employees off-site away from your workplace.


Even better, we can hire a local training venue near your work premises to avoid long travel time for your employees. Companies use this as an opportunity for team bonding, also ideal for one to ones if you only have single member of staff who requires training.

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NVQ Funded Training


Accredited qualifications are available in select areas of England for Business Administration, Customer Service, Management and Leadership.

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Bespoke Course Design


Looking for a tailored or fully bespoke course design that relates to your industry or staff needs? Our expert trainers will listen, design and deliver a course in line with your team’s exact requirements.

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