Telephone Skills Training in Sheffield - 1 Day

Our Telephone Skills Training in Sheffield will equip you with essential confidence and telephone techniques to handle customer calls in a more professional manner.


Delivered at your Sheffield company premises, employees who attend this course will gain highly practical telephone communication skills and call handling etiquette techniques to deliver a more positive customer experience. Good news, this Telephone Skills Training Course can be adapted to all industry sectors.


Communicating successfully over telephone in a structured and professional manner can provide a wealth of key benefits to your company and employees.


For example, after delivering this course to a variety of businesses across Sheffield, they experienced a reduction in customer conflict and an increase in customer satisfaction. Explore our Full Course List or discover how this outstanding training course works below.


Telephone Training Courses for Sheffield employees and companies


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Key Course Benefits


Undertaking Live And Learn Consultancy’s Telephone Skills Training in Sheffield, you will learn how to;

  • Handle customer calls with confidence and professionalism.

  • Effectively respond to your customer’s concerns or complaints.

  • Gain telephone communication skills and effective listening techniques.

  • Build rapport with effective telephone dialogue skills.

  • Answer inbound calls or make outbound calls in a professional manner.


Who Is This Telephone Skills Training in Sheffield for?


Perfect for all industry sectors, this highly adaptable course is ideal for all employees at work who deal with customers. For example;

  • Ideal for staff who talk to customers and colleagues on a day to day basis.
  • For employees and individuals seeking to adopt a more structured approach when having telephone conversations with customers.
  • For companies and teams aiming to provide a more positive customer experience.

Each Course Includes


Key Training Course Notes for Staff

Key Course Notes


Training Materials

Training Materials


A4 Training Certificate



Course Objectives


Please note, Live And Learn Consultancy Ltd can tailor the objectives for this Telephone Skills Training Course in Sheffield around your exact development areas.

Companies who chose to fully bespoke or tailor their course found greater value as the training related directly to their industry sector.

Professional Telephone Techniques

  • How to open inbound and outbound calls professionally.
  • Develop an understanding of the types of customer you will speak to.
  • Discover how to accurately respond to customers.
  • Learn how to answering and make telephone calls in a professional manner.
  • Identify the importance of ownership when receiving calls and calling customers.


Highly Effective Telephone Communication Skills

  • Learn how to build rapport with your customers.
  • Effectively use your communication to create a positive outcome.
  • Telephone questioning skills needed to find out the customers expectations.
  • Understand different communication styles and how to communicate with each one.
  • The impact communication has on the telephone conversations with your customers.


Handling Telephone Complaints

  • Avoid customers needing to complain or causing conflict.
  • Gain telephone etiquette skills to handle aggressive and difficult customers.
  • Proven communication techniques to deal with angry or unhappy customers.
  • How to constructively respond to a telephone customer complaints and concerns.
  • Learn the difference between a question, a complaint, conflict and your role in each.

How Does This Telephone Skills Training in Sheffield Work?


Course Length Options:

Choose from a 1 day, 2 day, half day or a 2 hour session.

Course Location:

Delivered at your companies premises in Sheffield, Yorkshire or the UK.

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