Bespoke Training Courses

Training Tailored To Your Staff Needs


Looking for bespoke training courses to be designed around the exact challenges your staff are facing?

The most engaging and effective training programs are those specifically designed around the exact needs of your business and team. Good news, our expert training consultants will design you a fully bespoke course.


Our experienced Training Consultants will simply listen to the challenges your team or staff are facing and then provide clear advice and guidance as to the type of courses your staff can benefit from.

In addition to this, we will design you a fully bespoke training course to meet the exact needs of your team. Contact our team today!

Bespoke Training Courses for staff


? Key Benefits of Our Bespoke Training Courses


There are many key benefits when utilising Live And Learn Consultancy’s Bespoke Training Courses including;

  • Expert Training Advice – Put your training and development needs in the hands of specialists.
  • Relevant Industry Training – Bespoke training solutions with your industry needs in mind.
  • An Increase In Staff Skill Levels – Increase employee skill levels from front-line staff to managers


? How Do The Bespoke Training Courses?


Help You Identify Your Teams Training And Development Needs


We will identify your teams training and development needs and provide clear recommendations to tackle the direct challenges they are facing within their job role. This can be provided through a quick consultation via the telephone or a face to face meeting.


Design You A Fully Bespoke Training Course


Our consultants will design bespoke training courses that meet the exact needs of your staff. Courses will be specifically designed around your industry needs. For example with or without role play, relevant industry examples and any other methods of training your staff may require. In essence the training is delivered to your exact standards.


Post Training Review


And finally, your dedicated training consultant will provide a break down of how the training went, staff feedback and performance. That’s not all, as part of our training review we will provide important recommendations regarding your next steps as a team.



? Who Are The Bespoke Training Courses for?


Our training consultants can design training for all employees or teams in the workplace. Our Bespoke Training Courses are suitable for all members of staff in the workplace ranging from Reception Staff, Administrators, Consultants, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers & Senior Managers.

  • Sales Teams
  • Management Teams
  • Customer Services Teams
  • HR Departments
  • Marketing Teams
  • Finance Departments





Our Bespoke Training Courses & solutions are delivered from Monday – Friday usually between 10am – 4pm. In addition to this, we also deliver training courses on Saturday & Sunday if required.


Again, this can be at your place of work or a training venue of your choosing.

What if my staff work at various times?

Live And Learn Consultancy’s Training Consultants work on a very flexible basis so if your industry or staff work on a shift basis rather than conventional hours, we will work with you and deliver our Bespoke Training Courses around your working hours.

Towns & Cities

Live And Learn Consultancy’s Bespoke Training Courses & Solutions are delivered all over the UK across every major city and town in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Looking for In-House Training Courses?

Live And Learn Consultancy’s 1 day In House Training Courses are delivered with real interaction. We do not believe in strictly talk and chalk power point presentations, we provide your staff with unique and practical methods so that they ‘experience‘ the training rather than be an observer. View our 1 day Training Courses below;




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