NVQ Funding And Eligibility News

How Can I Access NVQ Funding?


Looking to access government funding as an individual or a team of employees? Good news, we can help.


Upto 90% NVQ funding is available for employers and staff members who wish gain access to part funded NVQ Programmes relating to their current job role. So what are the current guidelines and how do you know if you or your team of employees qualify?

Government Funding Eligibility

What Is The Apprenticeship Levy Scheme?


The apprenticeship courses are now under what’s called the apprenticeship levy scheme which was brought into play as of April 2017.


What Does This Mean?


Any company with a PAYE of £3million or more are classed as levy payers, which means 0.5% of whatever their PAYE bill is will be deducted from them as a company and then can only be used on apprenticeship courses. 

Any company who falls under the £3million can gain 90% funding from the government, and the company has to pay the remaining 10%.


What Is The Current NVQ Funding Eligibility Criteria?


As a learner, you must pass the below provisional government NVQ funding criteria to access funding.


If you are a manager or team leader looking to place your team on a NVQ programme, providing your team members meet the below criteria they are eligible for upto 90% funding.



  • Employment Status: Must be employed.
  • Contract Status: Have a contract of employment.
  • Minimum Working Hours: Be working 16 hours per week or more.
  • Consent: Must have employer’s permission.
  • Age Range: Available for those aged between 16 and 65.
  • Location: Worked or lived in the UK for 3 years or more.

IMPORTANT – Before you complete application form

  1. You must get full permission from your HR Manager or Line Manager to undertake qualification.
  2. If your company is not a Levy Payer i.e have PAYE of less than 3 million per year, your company will need to contribute between £200 – £900 depending on your qualification of choice. If your company have a PAYE of more than 3 million, then money may be available for you to do the qualification.

Please note, the health and social care qualification is no longer available. For all other qualifications, please complete below form.


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NVQ Application Form

  •   Business Administration NVQ
      Customer Service NVQ
      Team Leader NVQ
      Management NVQ
  •   Health & Social Care NVQ
      Hospitality NVQ
      Manufacturing NVQ
      Warehouse & Storage NVQ


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