NVQ Funding Eligibility - Application Form

How Can I Access NVQ Funding?


Looking to access government funding as an individual or a team of employees? Good news, we can help.


Upto 90% NVQ funding is available for employers and staff.


So what are the current guidelines and how do you know if you or your team of employees qualify?

Government Funding Eligibility

What Is The Apprenticeship Levy Scheme?

The apprenticeship courses are now under what’s called the apprenticeship levy scheme which was brought into play as of April 2017.

What Does This Mean?

Any company who falls under £3million PAYE can gain 90% funding from the government, the company will only need to pay the remaining 10%.

What Is The Current NVQ Funding Eligibility Criteria?


Candidates who meet the following government funding criteria will gain the opportunity to access up to 90% funding.

  • You must be currently employed.

  • Have a contract of employment. (You can be on a zero hour contract).

  • Be working 16 hours per week or more.

  • You must have your employer’s permission.

  • Available for all ages including aged 25 plus.

  • Worked or lived in the UK for 3 years or more.

If your company is not a Levy Payer i.e have PAYE of less than 3 million per year, your company will need to contribute 10% of the course cost. This can be paid as a one off fee or monthly over a 12 month period. Unsure of what this means? Don’t worry, complete form below and our team will provide further support via phone or email.

NVQ Delivery Locations


You must be currently working within any of the areas listed below in order for the assessor to assess you against your chosen units at your workplace.

  • North West Area
  • Yorkshire Area
  • North East Area
  • East Midlands – Bedfordshire – Northamptonshire – Other Areas
  • Southcoast of England

Looking To Train Your Team?


Do you 25 employees or more interested?


Good news, your organisation will receive your own dedicated assessor. Many successful UK companies have chosen this option.



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