Confidence Training at Work - 1 Day Courses

Confidence Training Course – 1 Day


A confident team is a successful team! Empower your staff to rediscover their self-belief, unlock their true potential and increase their chances of achieving goals faster.


Confidence is truly a state of mind, many of us have the skills to do our jobs but somewhere down the line, we lose our confidence. As a confident person, you are far more likely to feel happier, experience better relationships, encounter less internal conflict, possess more energy and achieve your desired goals.


Perfect for individual’s or team’s, this Confidence Training Course equips you with highly effective techniques to control your nerves, boost self-confidence levels and help begin your journey to be more confident.

  • Become a more confident individual or team.
  • Take steps to overcome nerves.
  • Reduce self-doubt by developing a positive mind-set.
  • Feel more comfortable meeting new people.
  • Bring more focus to your life.
  • Begin your journey to improve your self-belief levels.
  • Increase your self-confidence to reach your desired goals.

Confidence Training at Work


How Does Our Confidence Training Course Work?


Course Location





No need for your team to travel. Our Confidence Training Course is delivered on-site at your workplace offices anywhere in the UK.


course duration





1 day course that runs from 9:30 – 16:30. Not suitable? You can choose any date that fits your team best. We can even train weekends and evenings.


groups sizes



Suitable For

  • Small or large teams.

  • All UK organisations.

  • Adapted to any industry sector.


course certification



You Will Receive

  • Key course notes

  • Training materials

  • Certificate of achievement


Course Objectives


Please note, the below Confidence Training at Work objectives are just an example.

  • Understand where confidence and self-esteem comes from.
  • Learn how to develop a positive inner voice.
  • Understand how the mind effects your confidence and learn how to manage it.
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • The importance of body language and how to use it effectively.
  • Discover how to visualise the outcome you want
  • Identify ways to build lasting inner confidence.
  • Learn how to perform well in any pressure situation.
  • How to look and feel more confident at work and social environments.
  • Bring more focus to your life and find a healthy work-life balance.
  • Feel more motivated and positive when you’re under pressure.
  • Feel equal to others by replacing feelings of inferiority.

Want a more relevant and tailored course that meets the exact needs of your team? Good news, our trainers can design you a bespoke course from scratch.


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Confidence Training at Work

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