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1 Day Conflict Management Training


Managing Conflict at Work Can Be Extremely Challenging. Learn To Manage Workplace Conflicts Successfully.

Why is conflict management important? Effectively managing team conflict at work means avoiding abusive language, hostile reactions, threatening and violent behaviour between employees.


Course Overview


We are all to aware interpersonal conflict can be detrimental to teams happiness and morale which can create a negative workplace atmosphere. So how can we change this?

Our one day Conflict Management Training course will provide practical conflict strategies and conflict management techniques to help you effectively resolve disputes internally within your organisation.




How Does This Training Course Work?


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Delivered Onsite Within Your Workplace

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1 Day Conflict Management Course

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Each Delegate Will Receive A Certificate

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? Key Benefits Of This Course?


Successfully managing conflict at work will increase your teams daily performance! By the end of this popular one day Conflict Management Training course participants will be ready to;

  • Use Dispute Resolutions Strategies For Conflict Avoidance At Work.
  • Handle Difficult People And Aggressive Employees With Professionalism.
  • Avoid Conflict Situations By Implementing Key Conflict Management Skills.
  • Reduce Conflict With Staff In The Workplace Via Effective Conflict Management Techniques.




? What Does This Managing Conflict Training Course Involve?


Many employees from all companies across the UK will experience different types of conflicts in the workplace at some point or another.

By identifying a clear and precise conflict management process and handling conflicts effectively, it will reduce the chances of disputes escalating between staff and therefore maintaining a happy workforce.
Please note we can tailor the below workplace conflict course objectives to meet your exact training requirements.


Understand The Causes Of Workplace Conflict

  • Understand the underlining causes of conflict.
  • Master your own emotions in a conflict situation.


Effective Conflict Management Skills

  • Learn how to handle difficult or abusive behaviour.
  • Understand the impact of ‘red rag’ words and phrases.
  • Resolve conflicts with professionalism.


Professional Conflict Management Techniques In The Workplace

  • Discover the importance of a win win.
  • Avoid the negative impact of conflict and work towards compromise and resolution.
  • Techniques to manage conflict appropriately, professionally and most of all confidently.




? Location of Course And Delegates Numbers?


Our courses in conflict management are delivered onsite at your work premises anywhere in the UK.

We can take a minimum of (1) delegate and up to a maximum of (12) delegates per session for the same price. Delegate numbers can be increased if required.




? Who Is This Course Suitable for?


This inhouse training course is perfect for all staff in the workplace who are looking to resolve conflicts between fellow employees and teams.


  • All Staff In The Workplace
  • Front Line Staff
  • Administrators
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Line Managers
  • Senior Management
  • All Job Roles
  • For Doctors
  • For Teachers
  • For Nurses
  • For Police
  • For Hotels
  • For Call Centres
  • All Industry Sectors
  • Healthcare And NHS
  • Education / Schools
  • Retail Industry
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Contact Centre Industry




Our Clients Feedback
This One Day Conflict Management Training Course. 10/10
Our teams gained a great incite into conflict management styles and conflict management skills in relation to our industry. Superb!

4 out 5 Star Course Rating

More Info

What is Conflict Management Training?

There is no question conflict at work can destructive and constructive whether you agree or not, the reason behind this a difference of opinion can sometimes spark ideas, and create authentic communication which can help your business move forward.

However managing conflict in teams can sometimes be difficult and unpredictable due to employees reacting with anxiety and emotion as apposed to actively listening then speaking with clarity.


Managing Conflict at Work

Seeking to understand how to manage conflict in a team effectively? Especially as a manager or team leader you are responsible for the well-being and morale of your team and ensure teamwork is high on the agenda. By addressing face to face conflict in the workplace it allows managers to really get to the heart of the problem. Our one day Conflict Management Training embraces conflict management strategies.

Effectively managing team conflicts usually consists of core re-occurring causes that are a result of not being addressed and therefore grow over time.



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