HR Consultancy Services

HR Consultancy Services


Gain Expert HR Support As And When You Need It.

Our specialist HR Consultants are ready and waiting to provide direct HR support your business. We have helped many small to medium sized businesses in the UK deal with a range of HR Services. Very simply, leave the HR function to us!


Quick Overview


We understand that non-revenue generating activities can become the biggest sources of frustration for business owners and managers who bounce around seeking qualified job candidates, recruiting and setting up and conducting interviews. These are necessary but time consuming tasks.

Our expert HR Consultants will help you with all HR related matters regarding staffing issues, discipline and grievance and much more.



? What HR Consultancy Services Can You Provide?


Live And Learn Consultancy’s HR Consultants will support organisations in the UK with all manner of HR Consultancy Services including;

  • Employee Dismissals.
  • Day to Day Staffing Issues.
  • Employee Induction Process.
  • Recruitment And Selection Process.
  • Disciplinary And Grievance Procedures.
  • Helping You Design HR Policies Around Your Industry.
  • Staff Performance Management And Appraisal Meetings.
Additionally our HR Consultants will provide ‘behind the scenes’ HR coaching for line managers, supervisors, team leaders, directors and HR staff to support them with complex employment issues or difficult meetings.



? Key Benefits For Using Our HR Consultancy Services


Outsourcing human resource duties has become more common as businesses seek to access skills and knowledge they don’t have, here are 4 key benefits of outsourcing your HR needs;



Save Time


As a small business, maintaining efficiency is critical. Outsourced HR can take the time burden off top level employees who are struggling to fill several job roles, and allow them to focus on tasks that move the company forward.

By utilising a team that specializes in HR, more quality time can be spent understanding your company culture and nurturing the needs of your employees.


HR Expertise


Instead of making a “gut” reaction, an HR expert uses proven tactics to screen and hire new employees before they ever get in the door.

As an outsourced HR employee, we work for you, so our daily pursuit is to meet your needs and relieve you of the responsibilities that distract you from doing business.


Cost Cutting


Time is money, the hours a business manager or owner spends researching job descriptions, marketing, screening candidates, writing interview questions, and scheduling interviews adds up quickly.

When you outsource your HR duties, these responsibilities are handled by professionals who are skilled and experienced in targeting key professionals. Company employees can focus on their job and leave the HR duties in the hands of the professionals.


Reduce Risk


Outsourced HR personnel stay on top of government regulation changes, screening technology, and cutting edge interviewing practices.

Stay stress free as any concern about the legality of an interview question or the appropriate tone will be shifted to the hr professionals who stay on top of industry trends and hiring practices.



? Who Are The HR Consultancy Services For?


Live And Learn Consultancy’s HR Consultants will work with all companies and organisations that require HR support.

  • Small Businesses and Large Businesses in the private sector.
  • Councils, Local Government Organisations and all public sector companies.
  • All Charities in the UK.



Our Clients Feedback

Our business was in need of expert HR Consultants, Live And Learn helped us setup up-to-date hr policies and procedures and provided highly effective 1 day HR courses for our staff. They also provided highly effective and expert HR consultancy and advice designed around our industry. 10/10

4 out 5 Star Course Rating


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