What Is An NVQ?

What Is An NVQ Qualification?


An NVQ is a work-based qualification aimed at measuring your competency & skill levels within your current job role.

What does this actually mean? For example, if you worked within a administration job role and you completed the Level 2 Business Administration NVQ, you will have gained a relevant qualification in line with your current job which is nationally recognised.


What Is Competency?

Candidates who undertake a national vocational qualification need to demonstrate they have the suitable skills, knowledge along with the understanding to carry out the tasks associated within their job role.
What Is An NVQ

What Are NVQ Units?

Each NVQ course is made up of both mandatory and optional units that relate to your current job role. You will choose a few units that match your day to day job role in order to prove you are competent.

What Qualifications Are Equivalent To A NVQ?

Many people rightfully ask the question, what is an NVQ level 2 and level 3? However, it is important you also identify what the academic equivalent qualifications are in order to compare your actual achievements. Please see the break down below;
  • What Is NVQ Level 2 Equivalent?  G.C.S.E Standard

  • What Is NVQ Level 3 Equivalent?  A-Level Standard

  • What Is Level 4 The NVQ Equivalent?  Degree Standard



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