How To Get An NVQ Qualification

How To Get An NVQ Qualification


So lets break down the 4 quick steps for achieving a funded and accredited NVQ qualification.


1. Complete Online NVQ Application


10 Days To Process

Simply complete the online learner NVQ training form, once completed, it will take our client services team around 10 business working days to check your funding eligibility and to also check we have an assessor within your area.

2. Official Course Signup


2 Hours Only


Once your learner form is successful and you can access funding, you will be introduced to one of our established NVQ Training Providers in the UK who have an established track record. A qualified assessor will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet with you at work and officially sign you up for your chosen NVQ qualification.


3. Undertake An NVQ Qualification


Around 12 Months

The NVQ process is very simple, your dedicated assessor will visit you at your workplace around once a month to assess ‘you the learner’ against your chosen NVQ Units. Your responsibility is to simply provide supporting evidence against each NVQ unit in order to prove your competency within your job role.

4. Accredited Certificate


Yes, Nationally Recognised!


You will gain accredited certification once you have provided supporting evidence against each chosen unit. You will have then demonstrated your knowledge and competencies within your job role and gained a funded level 2 or level 3 certificate which is recognised nationally.



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