Customer Service Qualifications

Customer Service Qualifications


The funded work-based Customer Service Qualifications prove your staff can deliver customer care to a very high standard.


Available as a level 2 or level 3 certificate, the qualifications in customer service are designed to teach you how to make the right impression with customers and build confidence in your ability to deliver amazing service.




Why Customer Service Qualifications Are Great


Gain New Skills

Gain New Skills

Discover highly effective skills & techniques to become a more successful in customer service


Relevant Training

Relevant Qualifications

The customer care qualifications are specifically designed for customer facing job roles.


Interactive Courses

Nationally Accredited

Our customer service qualifications are nationally accredited, highly interactive & engaging.




How Do The Customer Service Qualifications Work?


Training dates


Work at your own speed, on average completion time takes around 12 months.


Who Is This Training for

For All Staff

Ideal for all employees in the workplace across all levels from Front line to Managers.


Course location


All customer service qualifications are delivered on-site at your companies premises.




Your Next Step


Please note, we are not currently taking on anymore NVQ leads.


Alternatively, if you’re looking to raise your team’s customer service standards, we deliver One Day Customer Service Courses on-site at your work premises anywhere in the UK.