John Goldson

John Goldson

Learning and Development Consultant


John is a highly skilled training professional with many years of training and coaching experience.


With an exceptional ability to collaborate with team members and teach new concepts, John has trained and mentored a variety of employees in the UK specialising in customer service, communication, leadership, management and well-being.


Key Skills & Expertise


Since working for Live And Learn Consultancy Ltd, John has helped transform our powerful training programs to empower your team. His key personal attributes include;

  • Well-rounded skill-set

  • Highly professional

  • Humorous and personable

  • Collaborative

  • Always seeking to improve

John Goldson - Trainer 2


John’s Client List

  • University of Kent
  • IMI Precision Engineering
  • Destiny Scotland
  • Hull College
  • Public Health England
  • Southern Water
  • Plus a variety of other industry sectors.

Personal Hobbies


In his personal life, John loves teaching martial arts to children and adults to help improve their confidence, self-esteem and self-defence skills.


John is a self-confessed comic and movie nerd who enjoys time with his wife and 3 children and his best friend Amber who is a Cockapoo dog.


Question Time!


What is your earliest memory?


Going to work with my Mum who worked at a pub and them showing Enter the Dragon on 35mm projector.


Weird fact?


My ears are uniquely shaped due to grappling.


Favourite quote?


With great power comes great responsibility.


Favourite hobby?


This is a definite split between being a comic and movie nerd and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


What would be your last meal?


My Mum’s Sunday dinner, nobody will ever compare.


Surprising fact?


Despite peoples first impressions I own a Cockapoo, not a Staffie.

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