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Learn Powerful Techniques To Quickly Improve Your Confidence In The Workplace Via Our One Day Confidence Building Courses

Course Overview
Confidence is more a state of mind rather than a set of rules that can be understood over time.

Are you looking to build the confidence levels of your staff or teams at work? Our one day Confidence Building Courses are designed to help your staff control their nerves, build self confidence skills and overall become more efficient and confident within their job role.




How Does Our Confidence Training Course Work?



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Delivered In House within your workplace

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1 Day Self Confidence Courses

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Group Sizes

Perfect For Small Or Large Groups




? Key Benefits Of Our Confidence Building Courses?


Our 1 day Confidence Training Course is designed to help rediscover your true self and lost confidence so that you can achieve goals in your workplace and your career. By undertaking Live And Learn Consultancy’s one day self Confidence Courses you will gain the following benefits;

  • Self Belief – Improve your self belief to maximise your work performance.
  • Gain Motivation – Feel motivated and optimistic within your job role.
  • Stronger Mindset – Change limiting beliefs that prevent you from enjoying work life fully.
  • Boost Confidence – Increase your work effectiveness and self confidence in the workplace.
  • Excel In Your Field – Be the best in your area of expertise and excel further than those around you.




? What Do The Confidence Building Courses Cover?


Positive thinking, participation and interacting with other people in the workplace are all great ways to help increase your confidence levels. Confidence and Self Esteem are the primary drivers in who we are, how we come across and what we achieve in life. Please note the objectives of our Confidence Building Courses can be designed from scratch specifically around your individual or teams needs to maximise learning.

Introduction To Self Esteem And Confidence
  • How to give the very best first impression
  • Learn how to develop a positive inner voice
  • Understand where confidence and self-esteem comes from
  • Understand how the mind effects your confidence and learn how to manage it


Key Confidence Skills And Techniques
  • The Art of Good Conversation
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Discover how to visualise the outcome you want to develop confidence
  • The importance of body language and how to use it effectively


Creating A Successful Outcome

Depending on your exact needs we can help you;

  • Learn how to perform well in any pressure situation
  • Identify ways to build lasting inner confidence
  • Feel equal to others by replacing feelings of inferiority
  • How to look more confident at work, at home and socially
  • Feel more motivated and positive when you’re under pressure
  • Bring more focus to your life and find a healthy work-life balance
  • Feel comfortable meeting new people and keeping a conversation going




? Location Of Self Confidence Courses And Delegate Numbers?


Good news, we can come to you regardless of your companies location! Our one day Confidence Building Courses Courses are delivered in house within your workplace anywhere in the UK at a time and date that suits your organisation.

We can take a minimum of (1) delegate and up to a maximum of (12) delegates per session for the same price. We can accommodate both small and large groups.




? Who Is This Course Suitable for?


Live And Learn Consultancy’s Confidence Building Training Courses are for anyone who wish to progress in their personal and professional life including;


Ideal For All Job Roles

  • NHS Staff
  • Military Service Members
  • Police Officers
  • Fire fighters
  • Athletes
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Trainers
  • Leaders
  • Youth

Ideal For All Office Staff

  • All Staff In The Workplace
  • Support Staff
  • Service Staff
  • Reception Employees
  • Administrators
  • Consultants
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Line Managers
  • Senior Managers




Our Clients Feedback

One of the best Confidence Building Courses our team has attended!

Through positive reinforcement, strong confidence building skills and confidence building measures we can now be more effective within our job roles and personal lives. Great Job!

Course Ratings 5 star

Towns & Cities

In-House Confidence Building Courses UK Locations

Staff with low confidence in the workplace can be the result of many reasons including the fear of harsh criticism from managers, work colleagues or simply being unhappy within their job role. We can help you overcome this individually or as a team.

We deliver in-house Confidence Building Training Courses at companies offices or premises wherever you are based in the UK and have experienced local trainers covering the following areas:

Our In-House Confidence Building Courses at work are also delivered in

  • Central London and the London Area
  • Essex and The South East
  • Kent and East Sussex
  • Leeds and Bradford and West Yorkshire
  • Sheffield and South Yorkshire
  • Norwich and East Anglia
  •  Manchester and the North West
  • Cardiff and South Wales
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Oxford and Swindon
  • Southampton and Bournemouth.

Our InHouse Confidence Building Courses for staff in the workpalce are also delivered in

  • Birmingham and the West Midlands
  • Nottingham and the East Midlands
  • Exeter, Bristol and the South West
  • Newcastle and the North East
  • Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland
  • Belfast and Northern Ireland
  • Derby and Derbyshire
  • Leicester and Leicestershire
  • Portsmouth and Hampshire
  • Liverpool and Cheshire
  • Preston and Lancashire.
More Info

How to build self confidence in the workplace?

At times we may feel more confident on some days rather than others, our performance can therefore be unstable and inconsistent, our one day confidence building courses will provide the skill sand techniques to combat these areas to ensure you perform to the best of your ability. At the end of the day we are human, we all make mistakes at work, real self confidence includes knowing what to do when mistakes come to fruition and therefore having a positive response when problem solving and decision making for the benefit the team. Looking to enhance your skills our one day workplace Confidence Building Courses can help.


How to have confidence and power in dealing with people?

The key to success when it comes to confidently dealing people is planning and preparation, for example if you are involved in team meetings you need to plan for the type of questions that constantly arise, over time you will be prepared and therefore confidence within your response.

There are many types of personalities in the workplace some more dominating in their communication style than others, having the confidence to build rapport with these different styles is the secret for dealing with employees in the workplace.

Self esteem on the other hand is very different to confidence at work, confidence in the workplace is more about how we feel regarding our ability to perform within our job roles and self esteem is simply the way we think in terms of self worth and our overall value system. Our confidence building courses will go more into depth to highlight such areas.


Confidence Building Training Courses For All UK Industries

Live And Learn Consultancy provide training in confidence building for all industry sectors in the UK a few of which include;

  • Banking And Finance
  • Leisure And Tourism Industry
  • Healthcare Companies
  • Insurance And Recruitment Companies
  • Manufacturing and Engineering Companies
  • Retail And Hospitality Businesses
  • Education and Schools Sector
  • Construction Companies
  • Transport, Warehouse and Logistics

Live And Learn Consultancy are one the leading training companies for building self confidence courses in the UK, we are committed to boosting your confidence skills and overall effectiveness to a good standard.




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